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    Jorge Selfa

    Hi Yannick
    I have been a long-time customer and I hope that in the new version of Big Breakout EA, it will come with the Smart exit included please. and also if possible with new tools. Thanks a lot

    Jorge Selfa

    From the experience I have with the Big Breakout EA, I know that it works very well, but I think it lacks the smart exit function, to be able to close the order on time, when the trend is twisted.


    Unfortunately, at the moment, I am not able to make adjustments.

    Jorge Selfa

    Everything is fine.
    But even later, when you have time to make the adjustments, it would be great to incorporate a smart exit system into the EA Big Breakout. Please. Happy new year, Yannik.


    Hey Man! @Yannick

    I think a few years passed since we last had a chat. Was checking the forum and noticed you have been sick for quite a long while.
    Really sorry to hear that…
    I actually vaguely remember something about this, but maybe I’m wrong….
    Did you work like crazy and got yourself into a burnout or something?

    Anyways, If you want to catch up… you got my email…

    Wishing you all the best and hopefully the right treatment to speed up your recovery…

    Best regards,

    ‘Greatness’ aka ‘The Ichi guy’

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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