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    Just bought the Chaos Trading System EA

    Cannot get it to take any trades at all.The same balance to beginning.

    Do you have a suggested set file I could try and see if they will trade.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Tomulescu Dumitru


    This EA has a spread filter. Have you adjusted it?

    What symbol, timeframe, settings, and broker are you using?

    Can you upload your settings?


    I use Alpari broker and diferent spread: Actual,2,5 etc,time H1,H5 and other,symbol EURUSD,GBFUSD,USDJPY BUT IS NOT WORKING ANYTHING ON THIS PLATFORM


    These are the settings from Chaos Trading System EA. I expect answer from you!!!


    Can you please upload your settings as a .set file?

    Do you see some error messages in the journal or experts tab of the terminal?


    ok.This is the file with extension .set.Some time yes,but sometimes is working(see the print).But my balance is the same!!!!


    Hello Yannick.I wait for a answer .Please sent me your settings for my Chaos Trading System EA .


    Your settings look good. Maybe you have to increase the spread from 3 to 5 for some symbols.

    But my balance is the same!

    This is because the EA sets pending order. They only get triggered when the price this the pending order’s price. If you give it some time, the EA will open trades.


    I increase the spread from 3 to 5 for some symbols and it is not working.Maybe your Chaos System not working on Alpari MT4?Please study again my chaos.set.
    Give me another forex platform to try your software where you know it works.


    Maybe your broker does not allow Expert Advisors?
    Does it even not work in a demo account?
    You can try out swissquote.
    Just to make sure, is the smiley smiling in the above right corner?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)
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