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    Yes.The smiley smiling in the above right corner.I think the the leverage is the problem .I read this:To trade these large amounts, brokers offer leverage trading. For 1: 100 leverage, $ 1000 is required in the trading account to buy / sell $ 100,000 or $ 100 to buy / sell $ 20,000 with a leverage of 1: 200 .
    The broker requests a certain minimum amount in the trading account, called the initial margin – the account margin or the initial margin.
    I have only 209 USd in my balance.Can I trade with this sum?Can I change the Leverage? Chaos Trading System EA must be modified?


    This depends on your broker. Ask him to change the leverage. The Chaos EA opens a trade with the minimum allowed lotsize, if possible. But if you have not enough margin, the EA will not open the trade.


    The robots work now on Alpari ,but it works bad!!I lost 100$ with him in one day!! I am very angry


    Glad to hear that it works now. Have you optimized the EA first?


    Yes.I send a copy chaos.set to you and you say is good.I have another question to you.I use this and other platform Roboforex,but at any action say -close by Alligator,deleted by Alligator.You have this clause in your bot or the Forex platform have program anti-bot?


    The settings look good, means it should open trades safely. It does not mean it is profitable. I haven’t tested your settings in a forward test.

    The comments close by Alligator and deleted by Alligator are normal. The EA prints its actions in the log.

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)
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