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    Hi, i think my was deleted amd i just read why, sorry to hear about your health.

    Here is the question again. Im using the Japanese candle stick indicator. It works great,however, most traders trading candle formations usually place trades as the candle closes.

    Right now, alerts and notifications are only sent when the candle closes which is sometimes too late because by that time, we need to get to the computer, adjust stop losses and calculate lot sizes etc. by that time, price has already moved, especially in the lower time frames.

    Any chance to add and option to alert the trader as soon as a pattern has been detected, even before the candle closes. Perhaps the last 20% of the candle time. This way it allows us time to get ready to execute the trade.

    Please let me know!



    I assume this is possible. It would generate some wrong signals tough.

    Assuming you are using H4 and want to check for a signal 5 minutes before the candle closes. I would have to check, if the remaining time is exactly 5 minutes (300 seconds) and call the alerts or push notifications function. I do not have the code of this indicator in mind and am not sure which signals get detected immediately or at the close. But it is possible.

    This modification is a candidate for the programming service, which I plan to reopen next week or the week after.

    But before I reopen the service, I need some time to adjust all products to the latest MT4 build, make some website and server changes/maintenance and other stuff.

    I hope you will find more information in some days here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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