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    Good day Yannick

    While working on optimisation of the Stochastic EA Pro, I came up with a thought that, for the long and short trade direction, perhaps if we add a different set of settings for the long trades and the short trades within the EA, it would improve performance of the EA. Why? Because in my view, the following settings will also differ between the long trades and the short trades.

    (1) stop loss level
    (2) take profit levels
    (3) stochastic settings, and
    (4) possibly entry and exit strategy,

    Good thing is, we already have both the buy and sell entry and exit levels in the EA.

    Looking forward to your views and feedback.


    I do not intend to add this functionality.

    But you can already do it if you attach the EA twice to the chart. One with trade direction “only buy” and the other with “only sell”. This way you can have different settings for long and short trades.


    Thanks for the suggestion Yannick. But how do you attach the EA twice to a chart? I thought it can only take one. Please advise.


    Probably you can open your favorite trade instrument in two different charts in your MT4. And to load your Stochastic EA to the charts with your favorite *.set files for long and short trades. In addition you should probably use different magic numbers for both Stoch EA’s loaded in your charts. In the first chart the EA will take “only long trades” . On the second chart the EA should be tuned up to take only the Short trades. Do not forget to set your different set files accordingly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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