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    Hallo Yanick,
    ich wünsche eine gute Besserung !

    Beste Grüße

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    Hi everyone. I just wanted to post an update.

    6 weeks ago I caught a virus (not covid19) that just does not want to go away. Even before that I slept a lot. Now I do nothing but sleep. I just feel so depressed. The whole situation at the moment is really putting me down 🙁

    Unfortunately, at the moment, I do not see the end of the tunnel.

    I announced that I will be working more from January 2020, but the past weeks I just could not keep this promise. The comments and mails in my inbox are growing every day. I’m really sorry if I do not reply.

    Albert Truelen

    The Lord will take away sickness from you. God is with you always.

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    I just want to share an update for you guys. But first, thanks a lot for all the nice messages I got from you.

    I was supposed to go to a clinic in March/April, but due to covid, the clinic had to reduce its patients. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to discuss the stay in the clinic. Hopefully, I will be able to go soon! It will be a stay of at least 3 weeks. Wish me luck!


    Hi Yannick, Stay healthy and blessed! Everything is going to be okay.

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    Hello Yannic, in looking for answer to a question that I have about a point in my EA ,I went to your Forum, and saw that you’ve been unwell since October 2018. you say that you have a Virus ??,do your Doctors know what this Virus is? if they have not been able to help you after 20 months , I would advise that you take a different direction, as it would appear you are getting nowhere. Please don’t be offended, but I would advise if you have not yet, to see see a Natural Remedy Specialist. And if your, have not yet had a Blood test for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies, sometimes the Obvious is overlooked, and when you have answered points in your replies you sound very sharp in you’re mind, as some one who is in reasonably good health, at the age of 81 years I shudder when I hear of some of the things that can be corrected with very simple methods. with that said, please don’t be offended by an old mans words, and Hope you have or have had a very Rapid Recovery to good Health, Kind Regards, RCN


    No, I got the virus on top of all of this. The virus is already gone.

    If everything goes as planed, I will be at the clinic from September 14th.


    I asked this question to Yannick, but i didn’t realized he was sick. I have several Quivox EA running and it is very uncomfortable that on the Comment all of them write “Buy Order”, “Sell order”. and it does not let me write my own comments, then I can’t differentiate them (only by the magiq #), it doesn’t let me sort them like I do with all other EA, this is something so simple when you are programing an EA, and I don’t see ANY advantage to have the way it is right now.
    Have anybody else complain about this before?
    I would like to hear your comments.
    Thanks for reading,



    Hi Yannick,

    I’m a relatively new client. I’ve been previously ticked off when i didnt receive your response to one email and the other took about a week. But now i understand why.
    I wish you speedy recovery. I’m a Christian, and i believe Jesus can heal you of any sickness. I pray for your speedy recovery.

    I sent you a support request regarding the Supertrend Pro EA which i bought last week. But you can respond whenever you are able.

    Best regards,



    Hi Yannick
    I purchased pro bundle. You sent me the updated link. After few months using my laptop broken, in my new laptop and I could not download the bundle from the link since the time is expired. Can you please send the link again. I will be grateful.
    Shahjahan Hossain

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