What is the best optimisation period for 4H timechart?


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    Hallo to everybody, i bought the pro bundle a day before. before this i bought the RSI EA. And i started the optimizations as its described here – https://quivofx.com/school/metatrader-4-strategy-tester/ following step by step the instructions. I tested mainly stochastic and RSI EA’s – 4H charts – GBPUSD, GOLD. I choose 3 months period for back testing from January till the end of the Match. i met very good results – good profit factor, good percentage profit trades in total etc.. After this since i cant test the set file in the future because i have no the future candle data i decided to test it deep in to the past. I tested with the same config the candle data from October, November, December and after this from July, August and September. I found that only for the primary tested period the results are very good and pretty refined to squeeze the best risk/reward ratio. For the last back tested periods for which the EA was not refined the set file does not working so well even going on pure loss. This leads me to the conclusion that for the future period the results from live tests may vary and knowing my luck will probably be negative as for the tested past periods for which the EA was not tuned out. The big question is – How to refine the EA to react on the candledata/priceaction in the same way as it respond for the past tested period. What is the best time frame for testing 4Hours charts. How long 1 set file can be used -a day, a week, month ? How often i need to replace the actual set files in order the EA to stay on profit?

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    1. For a backtest to be meaningful you should have about 200-300 trades in history.
    2. And you should not use too many optimization steps. Means, do not optimize the SL from 10-200 with a step of 5. Instead, choose a smaller range and a bigger step like 60-120 with a step of 10, 15 or even 20.

    With these 2 adjustments, your backtest result will probably be worse, but its settings will be more stable.

    (This is based on my personal experience)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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