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About the Big Breakout EA

The Big Breakout EA trades the support and resistance of many different indicators like ZigZag or Fractals or the high/low of a certain range of candles. The EA only uses pending orders.

Trade logic of this Expert Advisor

This Breakout EA trades all the strategies listed below.

Entry Strategies (for a long signal)

  • ZigZag Breakout
    Trades every breakout of the tops and bottoms of the ZigZag indicator.
  • 1-2-3 Breakout
    Trades the breakout of a 1-2-3 formation of the ZigZag indicator.
  • 1234 Breakout
    Trades the breakout of a 1234 formation of the ZigZag indicator.
  • Fractals Breakout
    Trades all breakouts of the Fractals indicator.
  • Candle Breakout
    Trades the breakout of the High or Low of the last X bars.
  • Inside Bar Breakout
    Trades the breakout of the Inside Bar pattern.
ZigZag Breakout - Big Breakout EA
Fractals Breakout - Big Breakout EA
Candle Breakout - Big Breakout EA
1-2-3 Breakout - Big Breakout EA
1234 Breakout - Big Breakout EA

Entry Filters

  • ZigZag trend filter
  • Moving Average trend filter
  • Bollinger Bands trend filter
  • Fractals filter (only Fractals breakout strategy)

Position managements

  • TrailingStop
  • BreakEven
  • Candle Trail
  • ATR Trail

Other specials

  • Information Panel
  • Breakout Padding
  • Inverse Strategy
  • Martingale / Anti-martingale
  • MoneyManagement
  • Time filter
  • Close on Timer
  • Delete on Timer
  • Day filter
  • Spread filter

About the demo version

The demo version of the Big Breakout EA can be used on a demo account as well as on a live account. The functions are limited and the LotSize is fixed to 0.1 Lot.

More information

  • You can install the product on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • Note that this Expert Advisor does not draw any indicator on the chart.
  • You do not understand all the functions? Take a look at our function glossary.
  • The license of every product you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • Version

    MT4 v1.00

  • Changelog

    Mar 10, 2016:

    Added: Close On Timer
    Added: Delete On Timer
    Initial release of the MT4 version 1.00 (stable)

    Feb 9, 2016:

    Added: Breakout Padding
    Added: Inverse Strategy

    Jan 13, 2016:

    Minor updates and fixes in all MT4 versions

    Dez 11, 2015:

    added: Shows now the amount of open Pending Orders and Market Orders in the Information Panel.

    fixed: Some errors in the Fractals strategy

    Nov 26, 2015:

    update: The EA uses now less resources

    added: Shows now the current spread in the Information Panel
    added: Panel updates every X seconds

    fixed: The Information Panel loads and reacts immediately
    fixed: Disabled the Information Panel while backtesting

    Nov 25, 2015:

    Added: Bollinger Bands Trend Filer
    Update: to Information Panel v2

    Nov 18, 2015:

    Added: Fractals Filter
    Added: MA Trend Filter
    Added: Information Panel v1
    Added: Inside Bar Strategy

    Nov 4, 2015:

    Added: fixed Timeframe
    Added: ATR Trail funktion

    Nov 3, 2015:

    Initial release of the MT4 BETA version

72 thoughts on “Big Breakout EA

  1. hello, i was wondering, if i purchase this, is it limited to 1 account? or can i use it on multiple accounts? and also, does the license eventually expire?

    1. You can use the EA on multiple accounts. At the moment you will receive a lifetime license (free updates). Although I reserve the right to add an annual fee for updates in the future.

  2. hi .. im satisfied with ur products so far on my demo account , im new trader and i wonder if this EA work on both micro and standard accounts ? and what about ur others EA as well does they work on Micro acount ? cause as i understand that there is some EAs only work on standard account and specific leverage .. ty

  3. and I want to buy your robot breakout<

    Can you help me to configure your robot to the best.

    I'm ready to pay if needed

    Thank you , please I want a good working robot

    1. No, this is only the store currency I use, since quivofx opperates from Switzerland. You can use all EAs on all Symbols you want.

  4. Hello, on candle break out. which function is One Cancle Other (OCO)

    if it doesn’t have it are u planing to add it this function in near future.?


  5. Hi ,
    ZigZag , 123 and 1234 breakout strategys does not work.(no sell and buy)
    Candle and fractals It works good.

    1. Please open a new topic in the forum or contact the support directly to solve this issue. Please provide your settings and screenshots.

      1. GBPJPY Daily, After optimization does not show any results. I thought maybe do something wrong in settings.

  6. Can this ea stand against drastic up and down of price on mt4 at the times of news? Please let me know if it can automatically straddle.

    1. No, you can choose the strategy from a drop-down list. Download the demo version to see how it works.

  7. Yannick,

    I have been a renko chart trader for a bit and your EA works great on it!! Even in demo. However, What I think would make this EA even better is an input field that sets the ‘over/under’ in pips where to set the pendings. An example would be on GJ and the EA sets a pending BUY at the TOP of a ZigZag anchor point 158.50 for example, I would like to be able to have an input to set the pendings +/- in pips based on the anchor point. Example would be I want the pending to be set 10 pips lower (it is possible that the anchor is a strong level of resistance/support)….it would see the anchor point, then subtract 10 pips and set the pending there and the same for a SELL pending.

    Can this be done? Do you understand what I mean by this?



      1. Thank you for the reply, but to be certain….can the ‘break out padding’ add AND subtract pips to the pendings? Example if I wanted to ADD 10 pips from the default anchor it will do that automatically, Conversely, can it also subtract 10 pips if I wanted as well?

  8. Hello,

    Nice work. But you need to develop more aggressiv EA’s. Like arbitrage, scalping etc.

  9. Dear Yannick,
    do you think you could automatically program in your ea the stop loss so that it is, from time to time, set on the basis of a calculation on the ATR value multiplied for two ?
    It would be interesting if the trailing stop would automatically be set taking into account the new value assumed by ATR at the new going candle.
    It would be possible to program big breakout, and in general the other ea, with this approach to the stop loss and the trailing stop?

    1. Some of my users use it on a renko chart. But since there are many different renko charts, I do not know on which it will work and can therefore not give any support for it. Please try the free version first to see if it will work on your chart. If you need more help with renko chart ask the other users in the forum.

  10. A friend of a friend has optimized this EA and got great results over 5 year testing period. Max 20% DD and 100% gain or so a year.

    But I don’t use it myself as I’m too busy with other things. But sure, great results can be achieved with this EA, you just ned some good optimization skills.

  11. Love the EA. Just bought it and have been testing for a couple days. Runs great. Not sure if you’re accepting ideas of things to add to it or not, but one feature I employ as part of my money management is to set a Daily Profit target, so once it is reached, the EA will stop trading until the next day (or time set by the time filter). One rule I like to trade by is to not get carried away. Make your profit (or loss target for the day) and then call it quits until tomorrow. Just an idea. Thanks a lot and great work!

    1. This is already possible. It’s the delete/close on timer function. As soon as the TimeToTrade ends, the EA will delete and/or close all orders. But there is no daily profit target.

  12. Hi Yannick, Today i bought your ea and i was running some test to see what does what! When to trail (if i understand it correct) should start trailing if i set 50 then i think it should start trailing there but it takes profit instead at 50? Am i wrong or is it a bug

    1. Yes, if the WhenToTrail is set to 50, the EA trails the trade as soon as your position is +50pips. You have to set a value in the TrailingStop variable. If TrailingStop is zero, the EA will not trail the position. Try to set TrailingStop to 20 and test it again. If it still does not work, please contact me here.

      1. What is the meaning of TrailingStop? The other trailing-settings I understand. thanks

    1. This EA is not specially programmed for bitcoin, but you can use in for bitcoin as well.

  13. I am interested in only candle break-outs. Do you plan to release only candle-break out EA?

    1. No, unfortunately not. The candle breakout strategy is only available in the Big Breakout EA.

    1. Because they are not optimized by default. No one could take advantage of it because it would only show a graph (profitable or not). The important thing is, that the EA works stable and that traders can set the EA based on their needs. That is my goal.

      1. but .. it’s not as simple to set up and make it profitable!

        “ma.. non è così semplice impostare e rendere profittevole l’EA!”

        1. Domenico,

          If you want to succeed in trading, you need good education first.
          I got trading tools which can triple your account in 60 minutes while risking almost 4% of your account or grid trading tools which grow the account 10000 % in 2 months. And guess what, 95% of the people using those tools lose money because they lack the education of knowing when to use those tools and how to apply them.

          The EA’s here can make great money if you know how and when to apply them. Some of the tools/EA’s can even be used for continuous trading with great results. Still, some education is recommended. If you know which indicator performs good/bad during a ranging/trending market, this can give you a headstart.

          Of course we would want ALL of the EA’s to be profitable out of the box. And Yannick is doing a great job improving his EA’s.

          By the way, let me give you a small hint. While I’m not an owner of the Big BREAKOUT EA, I know it makes 200-300% per year on some people their account. That is what they expect at the end of the year 😀
          But those people got some skills.

          I could write a lot, but I hope I got my point across.

          Good Luck!

          1. how and where can I find good sources of education in Italian in order to understand when to use the ea and how apply them, dear Greatness?

        2. I know i am not Yannick but i have been trading for five years and I know that it is not possible to make money in the markets long term without putting the work in (believe me I have tried!!). The EAs here are great but you have to work out how to optimise them for your style of trading, your personality, the time frames that work for you etc. etc. As far as I understand it, it is not possible to have settings that work for everyone. I hope this helps. Sally

      2. ok, Yannick. dove trovo una buona guida in italiano per capire come ottimizzare l’usodel big breack-out e come e quando utilizzarlo?

      1. Pls consider

        AO – using AO as a filter to fractal. AO comes from Chaos trading it is an additional confirmation of fractal “relevance”. When you use also MA filter you have a mini-chaos strategy. Apart from that, AO is also used as a representation of Elliot waves (however probably with experience). This way AO combines fractal breaking + elliot waves. I mean what else do I need ? I need a wave breaking important fractal 🙂

        ZigZag filter – please inform how exactly zigzag FILTER works. I am not sure it iss obvious

        1. I have never heard about the chaos strategy. 😐

          It’s a ZigZag indicator based on a daily chart. The EA only opens long trades if the ZigZag is in an uptrend. Vice versa.

          1. Chaos Trading refers to the strategy of Bill williams which includes the use of the AO (Awesome Oscillator), fractals and some more indiccators which not all are required. I should look again what the origin is of the phrase “chaos trading” but it is an entire strategy.

          2. I have found some information about it. The strategy looks nice. Since it is a complete trading strategy I will make a new EA based on this strategy 🙂
            I will make it after the Big Breakout EA is completed.

    1. Since the Big Breakout EA is still in development I haven’t made much backtests. But here you’ll find some tests I made 2 months ago.

  14. HI,

    please help with the fractal breakout issue, I cant save a set file, change timeframe, even attach it to a chart in some cases the whole thing crashes. ive tried on several machines including my beeks fx gold vps.


    1. This issue should be solved in the beta version 6. Please download the Big Breakout EA again.

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