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About the Chaos Trading EA

The Chaos Trading (System) EA is based on the Chaos Trading System by Bill Williams. It uses the indicators Alligator, Fractals, Awesome oscillator (iAO) and the Accelerator/Decelerator oscillator (iAC)

Entry Strategy

The Chaos Trading EA trades in cycles, which means that the Chaos Trading EA will open more that one trade in the same direction if the corresponding siganl are generated.

The first trade (starting of a long cycle), is a breakout of a upper fractals if the Alligator lines are showing an uptrend. While this trade is opened the Chaos Trading EA will enter more trades based on the iAO and iAC. Vice versa for short trades.

Exit Strategy

Once the Alligator indicator does not longer show an uptrend (downtrend for short), the Chaos Trading EA will close all trades.

Entry Filters

  • Moving Average trend filter
  • Bollinger Bands trend filter
  • Envelopen Trend Filter

Position managements

  • Trailing Stop
  • Break Even
  • Candle Trail
  • ATR Trail

Other specials

  • Breakout Padding for the Fractals breakout
  • Candle Based Stop Loss
  • Close if X pips in profit/loss
  • Inverse Strategy
  • Money Management
  • Time filter
  • Close on Timer
  • Delete on Timer
  • Day filter
  • Spread filter

Input Parameters for the Chaos Trading EA

The user can set all parameters of the Alligator indicator such as the Period and Shift of the Jaw, Teeth and Lips line, the averaging method and the applied price

Entry Strategy

  • Use Pending Order for Breakout
    Set false if you want to use Market Orders instead
  • Inverse Breakout
    Set true if you want to trade the breakout of a lower fractal for a long cycle
  • Awesome Oscillator
    • AO Crosses Zero Line
    • 3 Consecutive AO Bars Above Zero
    • Not Used
  • Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator
    • 2 Consecutive AC Bars Above Zero
    • 3 Consecutive AC Bars Below Zero
    • Not Used
  • Breakout Padding
    Define a positive or negative padding for the first breakout trade
  • Stop Trading After Next Cycle Finished
    Set to true if you want the EA to stop trading after the next cycle.

Exit Strategy

  • Close On Alligator
    Closes all trades if the direction of the Alligator indicator changes

About the demo version

The demo version of the Chaos Trading EA can be used on a demo account as well as on a live account. The functions are limited and the LotSize is fixed to 0.1 Lot.

32 thoughts on “Chaos Trading System EA

  1. Has anyone live tested this for more than 2 weeks? The Strategy Tester results show significant loss for 2016 to 2017, but not sure how accurate that is.


  2. Buon giorno Yannick ho provato alcuni dei tuoi EA pro acquistati e funzionano molto bene.
    Vorrei però suggerire di corredare gli EA più complessi come big con un documento contenente istruzioni più dettagliate.

    1. Glad you like them. Yes, the documentation on the product page is a bit little. But if you have any questions, you can contact me an any moment.

    1. You can use this EA on all timeframes and currencies. I have no statistics about the performance.

  3. Yannick:
    I’ve been on the Chaos CHF29 link several times in the last few days but still don’t see how to purchase using the CHF29 vs CHF59.00. Would you send a e-mail. Would you provide / send em deffernce ail. a link to the CHF29 Chaos offer.

    Dennis Gleason

  4. Yannick;

    Answered my own question about Chaos for $29 – it’s at

    Thanks – have a question about 2 Moving Averages and the Reverse – In an uptrend, I noticed 2 buys sometimes occur. Upon the reversal sell signal, are all previous buy trades closed?? i.e. I think that is what the “close all trades” comments have been about.

  5. I saw a “$29 pre-order” offer for Chaos but I don’t see it in the thread now. Is the $29 pre-order offer still available for Chaos? If so, I plan to purchase Chao, the Pro Bundle and Breakout. Please advise ASAP. (I know you are busy and don’t forget to sleep)

  6. Hi Yannick,
    I bought the complete bundle and Chaos Trading System EA seems to be not part of it.
    Would love to test it and see if it is suitable for me.

  7. Hi Yannick,

    May I ask if the Chaos EA has the ability to close all trades when the total of those trades in profit? just like hedging?



    1. Yes, the EA Chaos Trading EA has a function called “Close all trades if X pips in profit/loss”

  8. World need more serious people like you . I didnt test your products yet but im quite sure they shall be profitable to me couple with my trading background. Are you including Volume Filters in this EA ?

  9. Hello ,
    May i have a discount if i want to buy 3 of your EAs and 3 of your indicators? Kindly provide me with an Email on which i can contact you.

  10. Hi there,
    When approx do you expect to release final version ?
    I do not want to pre-order 6 mths down the line !
    Is it Ea or Robot ?


    1. The final version will come as fast as possible (2-3 weeks).
      EA and Robots. Its the same.

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