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About the MACD Expert Advisor

The MACD EA uses the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator to enter a trade and uses 4 different entry strategies.

  • Normal MACD:
    Opens a buy position if the Signal Line breaks out of the MACD histogram and both are below the zero line. Vice versa for sell positions.
  • MACD Line Crosses Zero:
    Opens a buy position if the MACD Line (Histogram) crosses the zero line from above.
  • Signal Line Crosses Zero:
    Opens a buy position if the Signal Line crosses the zero line from above.
  • Super MACD:
    Uses the strategy of the Super MACD indicator. If the past 3 bars of the histogram are red and below zero and a blue bar follows, the EA opens a buy trade. Vice versa. This strategy is only available in the MT4 versions.
    (You do not need the Super MACD indicator to trade this strategy. You only need the indicator if you want to visualize and understand the trades)

The MACD EA (Pro) has additionally 3 different exit strategies.

  • MACD & Signal Line Cross: The trade will be closed if the two lines crosses again.
  • Histogram crosses Zero Line: The trade will be closed if the MACD gets above/below the Zero line
  • Signal Line crosses Zero Line: The trade will be closed if the Signal Line gets above/below the Zero line

Included functions

All versions have variable Magic Number, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Lot Size and Slippage.

Versions overview

Functions Basic Advanced Pro
Money Management
Trade on new Bar
Inverse Strategy
Trailing Stop
Break Even
Spread Filter
MA Trend Filter
Trade max. once per Bar
Exit Strategy
Candle Trail
ATR Trail
Day/Time Filter
Reverse on Opposite Signal
Trade Direction

Starter Bundle

The MACD EA is included in the EA Starter Bundle.

More about the MACD EA

  • You can install the MACD EA on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • Note that this Metatrader Expert Advisor does not draw any indicator on the chart.
  • You do not understand all the functions? Take a look at our function glossary.
  • This EA is not pre-optimized. Please read the article about optimization first.
  • The license of every Expert Advisor you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • MT4 Basic v1.06
  • MT4 Advanced v1.06
  • MT4 Pro v1.07
  • Dez 13, 2017

  • Fixed: Problem with trading sessions of some brokers
  • Aug 28, 2017

  • Fixed: Martingale function in Pro version
  • May 31, 2016

  • Added: "MACD Line Crosses Zero" entry strategy
  • Added: "Signal Line Crosses Zero" entry strategy
  • Mar 17, 2016

  • Added: Super MACD Strategy to all MT4 versions
  • Feb 19, 2016

  • Fixed: The exit signal “MACD & Signal Line Cross” did not work if “Trade on new bar” was set to false
  • Jan 16, 2016

  • Added: 3 Exit Strategies in the MT4 Pro version
  • Jan 13, 2016

  • Minor updates and fixes in all MT4 versions
  • Sep 24, 2015

  • Initial release MT4 Pro
  • Apr 11, 2015

  • Some improvements in all MT4 versions
  • Added “Max once per Bar” function to all MT4 Advanced and Pro versions
  • Feb 07, 2015

  • Initial release MT4 Basic and MT4 Advanced

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65 thoughts on “MACD EA”

  1. Yew says:

    Hi Yannick,

    I have an enquiry regarding the trading logic of MACD EA. The buy signal is normally when macd histogram or signal line crosses zero line from BELOW, i.e. bullish zero line crossover and vice versa.
    However, MACD EA seems to be set the other way round.

    Please let me know what you think.



    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, this strategy works the other way. But you can easily inverse this by using the inverse strategy parameter.

  2. Paul Whiteside says:

    macdpro EA. On normal macd setting EA took me in OK. adding MAfilter 14 expot close did not. What stupid thing an I doing wrong Yannick haha. ALSO does the standard MACD have to be on the chart please?

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m sorry I do not understand your first question.
      No, the macd indicator does not need to be on the chart, but it helps you to see the entry and exit signal.

  3. morne007 says:

    Hi Yannick,

    I have used basically all of your EA’s. Tested them bit life with small margin and on Demo with normal money management. I don’t want to wright a long issue here as there are many On the MACD EA I have tried many settings. The MACD EA skips clearly signals. I have tried the super macd and the normal and clearly when I would have done a manual buy the MACD EA does not Reverse on Opposite Signal(set to true). I have set Trade on new Bar, Trade max. once per Bar and inverse strategy to false. Trade direction is set to long and short positions. Can you give me possible causes as to why the MACD does not reverse on the opposite signal? I thought it might be the internet connections, but I have a very good stable internet connection and run basically all my EA’s on a dedicated top shelf computer acting as a server only for trading only. My account is an ECN account with fast execution.


    1. Yannick says:

      Please open a new topic in the forum and provide screenshots and your settings.

  4. Isaac says:

    Is it possible to enter multiple trades even if another one hasn’t closed? For example, I had a buy trade hit its loss but the new sell trade did not initiate when it crossed the zero because the buy trade hadn’t closed yet.

    1. Yannick says:

      No, this is not possible. The EA handle always only one trade at the time.


    Hi, is it possible to set to close open positions at opposite cross line?

    1. Yannick says:

      Not sure what you mean :/

  6. tariq says:


    Is there any chance you can make a EA that trades using MACD divergence>

    1. Yannick says:

      No, unfortunately, not at the moment.

  7. razak says:

    hi yannick

    can the macd ea open a trade for every macd crosses? does not matter if its above or below zero. as long as histogram cross signal line. is it possible? thank you

    1. Yannick says:

      No, this is not possible.

  8. Abed says:

    Which frame I can trade (MACD EA ) 4H or 1H ?

    1. Yannick says:

      You can use it on all timeframes.

  9. RoK777 says:

    Can you code the parameter “Enter Trade Long when Histogram ist negativ at any time” and same for Short trade. So when my Long trade get stopped out but the Histogram is still positiv, the enter right now another new long position.

    You know what i mean?

    I bought the Pro Version and like to update 🙂


    1. Yannick says:

      Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to make modifications.

  10. Marcelo says:

    Hello Yannick! I was wondering if using the SuperMacd strategy, in case if there is a buy order in progress and the indicator indicates a sell order, will you have two orders at the same time?

    1. Yannick says:

      No, the EA has max 1 open trade at the same time.

  11. George says:

    Hi i want to know is your root opens and closes in an opposite signal and exactly the same time opens a new trade or not? Thanks

    1. Yannick says:

      This can be done with the Reverse on Opposite Signal function in the pro version.

  12. Natasha Diedericks says:

    Hi Yannick,

    Please help. The MACD EA Pro does not open any trades in my demo account. Is there a reason for this? It works only in my real account.

    1. Yannick says:

      No, both should work. Do you use the same settings for both accounts? Maybe increase the spread filter.

  13. Natasha Diedericks says:

    Hi Yannick,

    Thanks, EA works well. 🙂 Tell me, if I choose an exit strategy, do I set my TP to 0 ?

    1. Yannick says:

      You can do this if you want.

  14. Pieter Bünger says:

    How does the MA filter work? If the price is above MA for example 55 it should only take long trades, if the price is below 55 MA it should only take short trades. Does it work like that?

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, exactly.

  15. stephan says:

    Can the EA only have 1 open position at a time?

    1. Yannick says:


  16. David Hoffman says:

    With the MACD Expert can the Super MacD be changed , change amount of bars back 1 – 15 bars back .
    Thank You Dave H.

    1. Yannick says:

      No, the Super MACD is fixed.

  17. IRWAN WAHYUDI says:

    Hi bro,

    How bout to taking profit, we can choose from ADR or ATR each currency?


    1. Yannick says:

      Don’t know exactly what you mean, but if you need to know more about the take profit, read my functions glossary.

  18. Henrique says:

    Good morning friend, first sorry for my English.

    Acquire your MACD and have interest in EA, however download the demo version but have had difficulty defazer it be profitable in examindador.

    My doubt is the following, like the EA to open an order after the crusamento EMA with TP 10 pips and SL 30 pips and if the line crosses again unlike the opening of the order it open another order leaving the previous Abeta until is atinjido or TP or SL and so on

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I hope the functions glossary will help you.

  19. willie says:

    hi, using the macdpro, if I don’t set a break even how will the trade close, will it close the same way it opened via the macd signal line cross over?


    1. Yannick says:

      It closes on TP/SL or on one of the three exit strategy you set (only pro).

  20. willie says:

    hi, what is meant by
    Here you set the amount of pips you want to Trail.
    If the distance is too far, you give away too much of your reached profit. If it is too narrow, you will be blocked out too often and only with small profits.

    ****This function is inactive until it is 0.

    1. Yannick says:

      Its the trailingStop function. See this short video to see how it works.

  21. willie says:

    hi, Yannick which is the most profitable MACD Pro Strategy using the 1hour charts?

    thanks willie

    1. Yannick says:

      Unfortunately I do not have any settings for this EA.

  22. chamnong boonla says:

    Dear yanick …, after back test MACD ea …but function martingale not work ., pls., help me

    1. Yannick says:

      Please send me your .set file via my contact form and I will take a look.

  23. Nathan says:

    Can I set the numbers of the macd?

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, you can adjust all parameters of the MACD.

  24. willie says:

    hi, from the inputs tab there is ‘Trade Direction’ with LongAndShort, LongOnly, and ShortOnly, however via the Common tabe, in the Common it has basically the same, so which has more overriding power. thanks willie

    1. Yannick says:

      Use the settings in the EA. If you only set it in the common tab, it will also work, but you will get an error.

  25. willie says:

    hi can the Expert Advisor » MACD EA be used on Metatrader 4 system, also can I use this EA on any time frame and with any of the 28 major currency pairs?

    thanks willie

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes. You can use the EA in MT4, on any timeframe and any symbol.

  26. alejandro says:

    I bought the macd ea martingale pro and does not work properly , or do not set it … I’ve sent an email to see if we can fix it.

    Thank you

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m not sure if I have already received your mail. Please use this contact form.

  27. Stepan Tsvikovskiy says:

    MACD EA to work on what timeframe?

    1. Yannick says:

      This EA is not limited to a specific timeframe. You can use it on any timeframe you want.

      1. Stepan says:

        Thank you.

  28. Ahmed says:

    I have purchased your MACD EA. Can you send me the Super MACD indicator to my email id please.

    1. Yannick says:

      The Super MACD indicator is not included when you purchase the MACD EA. The MACD EA uses the same strategy as the Super MACD, but the EA does not require the indicator.

  29. Ahmed says:

    What if the there is a buy position open by the MACD EA, and suddenly the market goes more down ( and i have a setting reverse on opposite signal ) how does the EA close the buy trade? By stop loss or according to the MACD setting?

    1. Yannick says:

      If the Reverse on opposite signal function is set to true, the buy trade will be closed and a sell trade will be opened, as soon as there is a sell signal.

  30. Ahmed says:

    In the pro version, every time the signal line crosses the main line, the EA enters a position even if a position is open (due to martingale) till a reverse signal takes place right ?

    1. Yannick says:

      No, the EA does not open more than one trade. The martingale function will only affect on the next trade based on your martingale settings.

  31. Ahmed says:

    Can you show results of the pro version (video)

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m sorry. I don’t have a video of this EA.

  32. Ahmed says:

    How much are you selling the pro version of MACD alone ?

    1. Yannick says:

      It’s CHF 29.90

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