Moving Average Cross EA

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About the Moving Average Cross EA

The Moving Average Cross EA uses two moving average to trade. A buy signal is generated if the faster moving average crosses the slower moving average from above.

Included functions

All versions have variable Magic Number, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Lot Size and Slippage.





  • Version

    MT4 Basic v1.02
    MT4 Advanced v1.02
    MT4 Pro v1.01

  • Changelog

    Jan 13, 2016:

    Minor updates and fixes in all MT4 versions

    Apr 11, 2015:

    Some improvements in all MT4 versions

    Added “Max once per Bar” function to all MT4 Advanced and Pro versions

    Feb 07, 2015:

    Initial release MT4 Basic and MT4 Advanced

52 thoughts on “Moving Average Cross EA

  1. Hallo Yannick,
    kann ich die beiden MA’s selber konfigurieren oder kann das nur von dir gemacht werden?
    Oder bei welcher Version kann ich das selber machen?

  2. I am looking for a EA that will take trades on a cross of two moving averages (EMA) and stay in the trade till the next time they cross again and reverse position to stay in the other trade. Do you have anything like that? thanks

  3. I can set Moving Average Levels on my charts in the dialog box settings,
    so how do I program the MA Levels into an EA lines of code?
    To cross the ma level too?

  4. Hallo Yannik,

    gäbe es eine Möglichkeit für die Pro Version eine Art Demo zu bekommen. Braucht nur im Backtest zu funktionieren.
    Einige Funktionen in der Pro Version wären entscheidend.

  5. Hi there!! i bought this Moving average Pro, but i need to ask if you can add a RSI filter? i wanna make the EMA cross RSI then do a buy or sell.

    thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Yannick

    Moving Average Cross EA is about: simple moving average or Exponential Moving Average ?
    Or there is option to choose which one I want ?
    And also is it possible to open multiple positions and set up different take profits ?
    and is it any filter like ADX ?

    1. Yes, you can choose between SMA, EMA, SMMA and LWMA.
      The EA does only open one trade at the time, but can attach the EA multiple time to a chart with different settings.
      No the Moving Average Cross EA does not include a ADX filter by default.

  7. Hello Yannick.. Looks like your product is interesting.. I would like to purchase the PRO version

  8. Hi Yannick:

    I put to “true” close on signal, I expected to close the trade if the fastest MA crossed again the slowest MA in the contrary trend of the opening. But it did not work… Perhaps it misunderstood the order? is another? I miss a manual with more detailed explanation of each part of the setting.

    Thank you and Happy New Year.

  9. Hi Yannick:

    Can you add exit on the third moving average cross? For example buy and sell on fast ma(5) cross on slow ma(50).But have the other exit close on signal of ma 20. It will have early exit to have more profit.

    Thank you very much


  10. Hi Yannick:

    Please check about Time filter ,I set use timer: true,local time : false ,set Time to trade start hour : 6, end hour 19.
    But after19 (server time ) it stil has trading many times.

    Thank you for your reply

    1. You can use them on any account and broker. There is an expiration date built in, but only to make sure you always download and use the newest version of the EA. Any update can be downloaded for free. (Maybe I will add a small yearly subscription fee in the future)

  11. I already purchase MA pro version long time ago. And now it said license expired. How can I update it?

  12. Yannick, I puchased the PRO version of the Moving Average Crossover EA, and need instructions for the settings. The instructions that you provide on this website relate to a different version, as there isn’t a Max Open Orders, or Max Open Trades on the Pro version 1.01 EA that I received.



    1. That’s right, the MaxOpenTrades function is not included in the MA Cross EA. Only the functions displayed in the “included functions table” are included. For all included funtions you will find instructions in the functions glossary.

  13. Hi Yannick, can it be set (PRO) so that entry is not greater than say 20 pips from crossover, sometimes with moving EA xover price action in high volatility pulls the the fast over the slow to just retreat and not revisit that price point. Thanks.

  14. How does the ma trend filter actually work?
    And this is a ma cross ea – can the moving averages which actually cross be changed by the user?
    Thanks again…

    1. If you use the Trend Filter, the EA will only open long positions if the current price is a above the Filter. Vice versa for short.
      You can change all parameters of all 3 MAs.

  15. Hello, the pro Moving Average Cross EA can be used in demo account, the pro version is a license or a definitive version.

    1. Any file you download is time-limited, but you can download a new version at any moment in your account.

  16. Is the EA trading also the MA cross or only the next bar after the cross? Is made also to trade Oil and DAX etc?

  17. Hi I have PRO version and I need help. I can´t set TS with decimal numbers. For example 0,1. I can use only full numbers 1 or 10 etc. … How I can set decimal numbers ?

  18. hey i cant get mind to work… it still says valid up in the corner but it want take the trades

    1. What version do you have? Maybe because of the spread filter? Does your settings work in the strategy tester? Try your settings on M1 and see if the EA is making some trades within the next hours. If it still does not work, contact the support.

  19. Hi,

    Thank you for your great indicator,

    But can I know what is MA Trend filter ?

    Thank you .

    1. It’s a Moving Average trend filter. The EA only opens long trades if the price is above this MA. Vice Versa

  20. Is this EA for:

    1. Backtesting but cannot do actual real-time trading on MT4
    2. Actual reatl-time trading but unable to do backtesting
    3. Capable of doing both backtesting and actual trading (i.e. up to me to select the function)

  21. hi, using the MACrossEA, what is meant my,
    . inverse strategy
    . reverse on opposite signal
    . close on signal

  22. Hello,

    Why does this EA exit the trade so early? Looking at the pictures on this page, it seems to exit well before the lines have crossed. Will this be fixed in a later update?

    I’m very interested in buying this bot.



    1. The Moving Average Cross EA does only open a trade on a crossover. He does not close a trade on a crossover.

      The PRO version of this EA, which I will add before October, will have a CloseOnSignal (close trade if the MAs crosses again) function and a ReverseOnOppositeSignal (reverses the open position if there is a entry signal in the other direction) function.

      1. Yannick, How much is the PRO version of this Moving Average Cross EA, which , will have a CloseOnSignal (close trade if the MAs crosses again) function and a ReverseOnOppositeSignal (reverses the open position if there is a entry signal in the other direction) function. ETC.


      2. Hello,
        Is this implemented in the PRO version now ? If yes, is there any chance that trail version is available ?

        “The PRO version of this EA, which I will add before October, will have a CloseOnSignal (close trade if the MAs crosses again) function and a ReverseOnOppositeSignal (reverses the open position if there is a entry signal in the other direction) function.”

        1. Yes, it is implemented now. This post is one year old :D.
          Yes, I will send you a test version per mail.

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