Parabolic SAR EA

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About the Parabolic SAR

The Parabolic SAR (parabolic stop and reverse) Indicator was devised by J. Welles Wilder, Jr., to find potential reversals in the market direction. He draws points to the chart, which show the support and resistance price levels. He is included in Metatrader 4 and 5. The default settings are: Step 0.02, Maximum 0.2.

Trade logic of the this forex robot

The Parabolic SAR EA is a forex robot which uses the P-SAR support and resistance levels to enter a trade. A buy signal is generated if the price breaks through the resistance level and a sell signal is generated if the price beaks trought the support level. The advanced version has a second optional Parabolic SAR indicator as trend filter.

As default the EA trades only on a new opening of a candle. If you do not want to wait for a candle to be closed, you can switch the TradeOnNewBar function to false. The EA then enters a trade immediately if there is a break trought.
In the sideway market movement you may want to open a Sell position where actually a Buy position should open and the other way around. You can do this by setting the InverseStrategy function to true.

The advanced EA includes additionally SpreadFilter which filter out large price differentials in a high volatile market situation. He also includes a TrailingStop and a BreakEven function to secure your current profits. A Parabilic SAR trend filter is also included to determine the current market direction.

Parameters for the Expert Advisor

Timeframe = The timeframe on which the EA should work regardless what timeframe your chart is set to. (Default is PERIOD_CURRENT )
Step = Stop increment (default 0.02)
Maximum value = Maximum stop value (0.2)

Included functions

All versions have variable Magic Number, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Lot Size and Slippage.





  • Version

    MT4 Basic v1.05
    MT5 Basic  v1.01
    MT4 Advanced v1.05
    MT5 Advanced v1.01
    MT4 Pro v1.04
  • Changelog

    Jan 13, 2016:

    Minor updates and fixes in all MT4 versions

    Nov 24, 2015:

    fixed: PSAR did show the filter if not used after a backtest (MT4 Advanced & MT4 Pro)

    added: A PSAR Trailing Stop (MT4 Pro)

    Oct 05, 2015:

    Bugfix: Fixed “array out of range” after changing settings in all MT4 versions

    Oct 01, 2015:

    Added “Reverse on opposite Signal” to MT4 Pro version

    Sep 24, 2015:

    Initial release MT4 Pro

    Apr 11, 2015:

    Some improvements in all MT4 versions Added “Max once per Bar” function to all MT4 Advanced and Pro versions

    Mar 25, 2015:

    Fix bug on MT4 basic version. You can now customize the psar step and maxumum value.

    Feb 01, 2015:

    Initial release MT4 Basic and MT4 Advanced

66 thoughts on “Parabolic SAR EA

  1. It turns out that the reason my trade did not trigger is because there was a setting that disabled.

    However, I have not yet been able trade indices or crude oil using the indicator. Do you have advise on the parameter that needs to be changed for this?

    1. Try to adjust only the pip based values (TP, SL, Slippage, MaxSpread) and make some backtest to adjust the EA to your symbol.

  2. Dear Yannick,

    I recently purchased the Parabolic SAR EA Pro from you. The backtests showed that it was profitable
    However this morning, the Yen fell quite sharply in value
    My position should have reversed from a buy to a sell
    But it did not.
    I can see the indicator on my chart and what the EA should have done
    But, the robot did not behave as expected and as a result I lost money
    Since I purchased this EA I am trying to find out what happened.
    I have reverse on opposite signal set to true. Slippage set to 50 and max spread set to 80.
    Perhaps because it is the Yen, the spread is working on a different decimal

  3. I bought the Moving Average Pro EA yesterday, but am not satified with it. Can I exchange it with Parabolic SAR pro EA. Both have same price.

      1. Hello i would like to use Parameters EA with your ADX Ea together to create one trade . you said this is possible ? how would this be done ? set seperate magic numbers in the same magic number space , 123 , 567 like this
        Thanks Dave H.

        1. No, this is not possible. You can only use both on the same symbol but they do trade separately from each other.

  4. Hi there.

    In the basic version:

    If the EA open a buy, after a buy signal of the PSAR indicator, and in the next candle the indicator reverse to sell, DOES THE EA CLOSE THE PREVIOUS ORDER (BUY) AND OPEN A NEW ORDER (SELL)?

    Or it mantain both orders opened?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. The EA has never more than 1 trade open at the same time. It is possible to reverse the signal with the ReverseOnOppositeSignal function in the pro version.

  5. Hi Yannick,

    I downloaded the basic version and put it into the folder indicators. It shows up in Metatrader 4 but if I want to apply it to a chart simply nothing happens.

    Any idea?



    1. Its because the PSAR EA in not an indicator but a Expert Advisor. You have to put it into the MQL4/experts folder.

  6. Dear Yannick,

    Hi there, I am interested on using this EA, but on what timeframes shall I use this EA ? Hourly chart ? and if i am using the basic parabolic sar, are there any signal to exit ? or is it only based on the stop loss and take profit only to exit the market ? there is no trailing stop on it ?

    1. You can use it on any timeframe and symbol you want. The basic version does not have exit strategy nor exit strategies. Only the Advanced and Pro versions do have Trailing Functions. And the PSAR Stop is only included in the Pro version.

  7. Dear Yannick you have done a great job, I congratulate you for this really good creation.

    How to configure so that the “Parabolic SAR EA” will position only in upward or downward trend, and not when the market is lateralized. As shown in the video, in which the robot will only have the order when the trend is , And will not do so when the market changes.

    In my MT4 the robot will habre and closes the order when the signal ends and immediately there will be in the opposite direction and then in the opposite direction.

    In the video it is observed that the robot will only have position when the market is in upward or downward trend.

    Thank you very much for the reply

    1. This Parabolic SAR EA is not exactly like the one on Please use the forum to share your settings and write how you want this EA to trade an I will try to help you.

  8. Dear Yannick

    The Expert Advisor PRO is very good

    Where is it set up? “MaxOpenOrder has to be set to 1” in order to use the “ReverseOnOppositeSignal / ReverseOnSignal”

    I can not find it

    In what part of the EA is this option?

    And I have another question

    Can the AE start to open operation on the first candle and not on the second candle?

    Thank you very much dear

    1. The MaxOpenOrders function is not included in this EA.
      Yes, you only have to switch the TradeOnNewBar filter.

  9. I just bought the Parabolic SAR EA PRO
    How to set the robot to have the “The Parabolic TS is based on the PSAR”?
    please can you tell me
    thank you very much

    1. By enameling the “Use PSAR Trailing Stop” the EA will place a secure StopLoss at the current PSAR price.

  10. Hello Yannick, on your ea on the parabolic sar I like to know if you can set it so that a position is triggered when prices cross the opposite sar upward or downward. Your descriptive rather talk support and resistance?
    Regarding the professional version I see that you can set a trailing stop loss based on the parabolic sar is that correct?
    In this case the position it is enclosed when the reverse sar is crossed?
    My strategy is based on a monitoring of stop loss. Cordially.

    1. Yes, the advanced and pro version to have a PSAR TrailingStop. The PSAR sets the SL on the same price as the current PSAR point is, means the position get closed even before there is a trend reversal.

    1. Have you received the message “License expired”? Please download the EA again in your account and overwrite the file on your PC.

  11. Hi, Yannick,

    Just purchased the Parabolic Pro and am wondering what settings you’re using in the Little Lion EA demo video. Could you please share those? I can’t seem to get the Para PRO to trade more than once within the PSAR filter range for the H1 timeframe during backtesting. Thank you.

    1. I do not have these settings any more. I just optimized the EA with the strategy tester and picked a sequence that looked good. And the video is old. It was made in 2013.
      The EA does not have more than one open trade at the same time. If are not sure about your settings, please post them in the forum and we will help you find the error.

  12. do you have an expert make scan for all currencies for Parabolic sar when it turn over their direction

  13. I wanted to know what is on average the weekly performance for this EA?

    Volevo sapere in media quanto é il rendimento settimanale in condizioni di mercato discreto di questo ea?

  14. Hi Yannick I am willing to buy your EA but I was searching for a backtest screenshot to understand how the equity/progresses along time. Do you have anything like that?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. No, I do not have backtests. But you can download the free version and make a backtests with the basic strategy.

  15. Hi, how many transactions can be managed throughout how many different instruments at the same time pls? Can this ea be applied to many markets in the same account simultaneously, deploying multiple transactions throughout several different markets at once?

    1. You can attach only one EA per chart. The EA only opens/manages one trade per chart. But you can open multiple charts (same or different symbol/timeframe) and use the EA several different markets at once. You only need to set a different MagicNumer each time you use the same symbol. Try the free basic version to test it in a demo account.

  16. Hay , on the free version is automatically closing positions when it opened the second with a different direction?

    1. No, this is only available in the Pro version. It’s the “Reverse on opposite signal” function.

  17. What’s the difference between a parabolic trailing stop and a usual trailing stop ?
    How is it managed?

    1. The normal Trailing Stop is based on pips and sets the SL always at the same distance from the price. The Parabolic TS is based on the PSAR indicator and sets the SL at the PSAR price.

    1. I just tried it out,….
      …unfortunately it does need a different Par SAR setting for the the Par SAR Trailing stop…
      + Pad amount
      + Trail after # pips in profit.

      This way it will be like a trailing stop that a real trader would use. This way it is too simplistic.

      1. You’re right. A Pad amount should be implemented. I will add a “min Distance to Trail” function instead of the “Trail after x pips”. That means that the price has to be a certain distance away from the current price before the SL can move. This way the trade will always have enough space.

  18. Hello Yannick,

    I have a question about the basic SAR variables. On IG there are 3 for Parabollic SAR:

    Intial acceleration
    Acceleration step
    Acceleration limit

    Your EA seems to have step and limit, but no initial acceleration. This variable can make a big difference on the IG charts…

    Is there an initial acceleration variable in your EA?

    Many thanks,


    1. No sorry, I only use Metatrader’s default PSAR which has only the Step and the Maximum. If you find a modified PSAR indicator for MT4, I can make you a custom modification based on it.

  19. I just wanted to take a few minutes to come back here and say thank you.
    I will not say too much about the EA because anyone that can read can see what an amazing EA it is but I will say it delivers on its promises.

    Instead I want to say thank you to the creator of this EA, Yannick’s dedication to customer service took me from a terrible experience to absolute joy.

    You can see in a previous post that I stated I am very new to the trading game and as a result I was struggling hard to get this EA working with my strategy.
    I was ready to give up and call it money wasted but instead I decided to contact support on the site here.

    The ideas and the level of customer care I received from Yannick were FAR beyond any reasonable expectation. It really knocked my socks off.

    I would recommend this EA to anyone because it not only delivers on its promises; Yannick is serious and very dedicated to standing behind his product and having happy customers. That always makes all the difference in these situations.

    Cheers and good luck trading guys.


    1. Thank your Robert for this nice comment. I am glad that I could help you.

      I will continue programming great stuff, updating my existing programs and try to continue providing good support for my products.

  20. I am relatively new to trading and am trying to get an EA to perform what would seem to be a simple function.

    When Parabolic SAR indicates a buy, place a buy.
    When Parabolic SAR indicates a sell, the buy is closed and a sell is placed.
    When Parabolic SAR indicates a buy again, the sell is closed and a buy is placed.
    and so on and so on……

    I should not have two trades open at the same time.
    I have been doing some research and this seems to work best on the hourly chart.

    I like the idea of a stop loss but the take profit should be whenever the parabolic SAR changes from buy/sell.

    Also at the bottom of the EA it says “step” and “maximum value”, what does that mean?

    Is there a detailed PDF I could get to explain each of these to help me decide what their value should be?

    I thank you in advance for your help.

    1. As requested I’ve added the “Reverse on opposite signal” function to the Pro version.
      Step and maximum are the default PSAR indicator parameters. No sorry, I have no manual for the PSAR indicator.

    1. You only have to choose the version you want, click on “Purchase”, go to the checkout (cart), enter your information, click again on “Purchase” and then you get to to page with the download link. Read this if you want to know how to install an Expert Advisor after you downloaded the EA.

  21. Hello . Is it possible the closure of all open positions before the end of the market ?

      1. Sorry about my English. I would not want to keep open positions from one day to another.
        Could you suggest which parameters should I optimize for stock investments ?
        Thank you.

          1. I entered the tutorial, but I’m trying to find out which parameters can be optimized. Can you help me with this?
            Yesterday used the SAR EA and did not respect the limit of lots programmed. Is it a bug?

          2. You can optimize every parameter you want to.
            If you set the Lots too height, too low or an invalid lotsize, the EA will automatically adaptd it.
            If you need some more help/information about your settings/EA, please contact me here.

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