Expert Advisor Starter Bundle

Start Automated Trading with our Expert Advisor Starter Bundle for MT4.
12 EAs with the most used indicators in one bundle!

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Power-up your Metatrader

Trade the most popular build-in Indicators of Metatrader fully automatically with Expert Advisors like Bollinger Bands EA, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo EA, Moving Average EA, Parabolic SAR EA and many more…

Expert Advisor Starter Bundle for Metatrader 4 - chart
Expert Advisor Starter Bundle for Metatrader 4 - rocket

Need more Power?

Get more functions like Trailing Stop, Break Even, Trend Filter and more in the Expert Advisor Advanced Bundle or even more in the Expert Advisor Pro Bundle!

Advanced vs. Pro


  • Full Money Management
  • Full Inverse Strategy
  • + Trailing Stop
  • + Break Even
  • + Spread Filter



  • + Martingale
  • + Candle Trail
  • + ATR Trail
  • + Day/Time Filter
  • + Trade Direction


*Not all Expert Advisors have exactly the functions listed in the table. Please visit the EA single page to see what function every EA has.
**At this moment the Expert Advisor Starter Bundle is only available for Metatrader 4

36 thoughts on “Expert Advisor Starter Bundle

  1. Hi, I’m interested in your EA Starter Bundle Pro but, do I need advanced Trading experience to use it ? Do you recommend any specific EA for beginners so we don’t have to twist any settings to improve its performance ? Any instructions to install it on MAC ? Thanks

    1. You do not need advanced trading experiences with them. Although if you are new to algorithmic trading, try the free bundle first. Maybe you also want to take a look at my school section.

  2. Sono, aldo otrvez, scusa , el paquete de 12 Expert . Por cuanto tiempo los puedo usar luego de comprarlos, se pueden usar de una vez in una cuenta Real, debo testarlos ,me podrias dar cualquier parametro para comenzar a testarlos ya que son doce(12), gracias, aldo

    1. You can use the EA on as many Live and Demo account as you want. Every file you download is time limited, but can always download the newest version in your account. However I reserve the right to add annual subscription fee for updates.

  3. Hello, I am considering purchasing the bundle.
    However, can you tell me if the stop loss can be hidden?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Yannick, Your pro version is the combo of advance and basic? or every version has different strategies?

    1. The entry strategies are the same in all 3 versions. The advanced and pro version do have more functions and filters. You will find the differences for each EA on its product page.

  5. Hi,
    I bought the Pro EA’s and I tested some, but to my suprise it depleted my account, particularly the MACD, it trades against the trend. Is there any particular setting to be observed

  6. can I combine all experts in one account MT4? I mean, can all experts work together in one platform account? If yes, how can I do it?

    1. Yes you can use them all together on one account. You only have to set a different MagicNumber every time you use two or more EA on the same symbol.

  7. Hello Yannick, I have a question.. Is that all these Listed EAs on top includes in the pro version.. Or both pro version & listed on top are totally different EAs..

    1. All EA you see in the list are included in the 3 bundles. Each EA has 3 different versions. Basic, Advanced and Pro. The Pro version has the most features/functions included. If you download the Basic bundle you will receive the basic version of all EAs. If you purchase the pro bundle, you will receive the pro versions of all EAs in the list.

  8. Hi Yannick,

    Here are some problems.
    I purchased the pro version yesterday.
    However, I found that the pro versions EA cannot run the back-testing (I use the default setting)

    The back-testings were successfully run when I used the basic versions.
    Is there anything I need to set before using the pro version to do back-test?


  9. Hi, Yannick

    Does the Pro version include all the functions of the advanced version?

    Is there any limitations on number of users or accounts to use those EA?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Yes, the Pro versions do have all the function the advanced versions have.
      No, there is no account limitation.

  10. Hi Yannick,

    I’m interested on your Advanced product. What I want to ask you is can you tell me how the BREAK EVEN work for the chart(the situation is Floating minus of course).

    How many order will the chart open to make BREAK EVEN point ??

    Can you give me an example?

    Thank you…

  11. Question about the martingale feature…

    Can we tell it to stop at 3 levels, instead of carrying on continuous martingale eventually account gets blown?

    And distance between trades so we can optimise EA to function on different pairs with different volatility?

  12. Does this price for pro bundle of 149 chf include all the EA on the above list?

    So I pay 149CHF and get 12 EA

    Is this correct?

  13. Hi, I bought EA Pro Bundle on 02-02-2016. I want to update Expert Adivsor Pro Bundle verison, how do i do?

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