Colored Stochastic Oscillator


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About the Colored Stochastic Oscillator indicator

The Colored Stochastic Oscillator shows exactly the same lines as the defautl Stochastic Oscillator does, but he shows the OverSold and the OverBought levels in color.


Sell if the Stochastic line is red.
Buy if the Stochastic line is blue.

Input parameters

  • Period of the %K line
  • Period of the %D line
  • Slowing value
  • Moving Average method
  • Price field
  • Timeframe
  • Overbought Level
  • Oversold Level
  • Max Bars

10 thoughts on “Colored Stochastic Oscillator

  1. Ability to set Stochactic at 15% and 85% less false trades more profits longer trends.

    Combine these 2 indicators together.
    Make it the 15 minute time frame.
    Take profit after the candle breaks the middle BBand, or trailing take profit.
    stop loss can be set if candle breaks above initial entry.

    Please i am hoping we can put something together.
    This is a real winner.

    1. You can set the Stoch Level to 15 and 85.

      Yes I can do it for you. Please send me the complete strategy here and I will make you an offer.

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