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Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator

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About the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator

The Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator is a modification of the normal Heiken Ashi indicator.

Input parameters

  • Moving Average Method 1
  • Moving Average Period 1
  • Moving Average Method 2
  • Moving Average Period 2
  • Colors

Automated Trading

Trade this indicator fully automated with the Heiken Ashi Smoothed EA.

More about the Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator

  • You can install the Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • The license of every Metatrader Indicator you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • MT4 v1.01
  • Aug 23, 2016

  • Fixed: In some cases, Metatrader has crashed
  • Apr 26, 2016

  • Initial release of the Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator

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22 thoughts on “Heiken Ashi Smoothed”

  1. Diamond says:

    Hi Yannick,i also really like this indicator, but how can i get the source code ? If convenient, please send me the Heiken Ashi Smoothed.mq4 file,that will be my greastest luck. Thanks very much!

    1. Yannick says:

      Unfortunately, I do not provide the source code.

  2. Shah Legno says:

    Hellon yannick, i really like this indicator, can u improved it a bit with signal Alert alarm, that will be usefull. Thanks!

    1. Yannick says:

      I put this on my to-do-list. Probably I will add a paid version which sends alerts and notifications.

      1. Shah Legno says:

        Yes, the first candle signal generated Alarm is definitely very usefull for this indicator, looking forward for u to apply this features in the paid version.

  3. Shodikin Sufaie says:

    Hi Yannick,
    Can we enter new order midway before any new signal generated, manually or thru setup. Kindly advice. Thanks.

    1. Yannick says:

      You can open orders manually which will be managed by the EA, but you need some kind of a script to enter a trade with the matching magicNumber.

  4. Saeed says:

    Hi. Why this indicator decrease the MT4 speed? I mean, it make the MT4 work slow; either starting the program, or changing between different time frames in one pairs.
    Also, I can’t apply it on EURUSD pair! Really funny thing, I can apply it on every other pairs, but when I apply it on EURUSD, the MT4 program hangup and goes into “no response” mode! Why you think it is? Might its code need debugging?

    1. Saeed says:

      Problem solved. Looks like I was using the old version. I downloaded the newer version, now it works smoothly.

  5. kumar says:

    ei am finish to install but is not working plz need help

    1. Yannick says:

      Have you installed the indicator correctly in the MQL4/indicators folder?


    can you pls explain how it works

    1. Yannick says:

      Do you mean how to install or download it?

  7. Glorious says:

    I believe it will work

  8. paul says:

    when i download the demo indicator from the purchase page (Heiken Ashi Smoothed.ex4) it is a .png file – not a metatrader file .ex4…

    1. Yannick says:

      Sorry for that. I have fixed in now. Please download the indicator in your purchase history.

  9. HAS Trader says:

    when i see candlestick i saw hell, when i see heiken ashi smooth i saw heaven.

  10. needy says:

    can this apply to real account?

    1. Yannick says:


  11. Sethu raman says:

    i want the demo

    1. Yannick says:

      This indicator is for free. Please download it.

  12. dariusz Blaszczyk says:


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