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About the Smart Trend indicator

The Smart Trend indicator is based on a colored trend line and a band.  The colored line shows you the current market trend, the above band shows the overbought level and the lower band the oversold level.

You want to look for a buy trade if the indicator is in an uptrend (blue) and the price is in the oversold level (lower band). You want to look for a sell trade if the indicator is in a downtrend (red) and the price is in the overbought level (upper band).

This indicator does not repaint.

The full version has the possibility to send alerts, emails and push notification to your smart phone.


Below two buy entry signal examples. The left is a strong signal the right is a weak signal. In both cases you want to go long in the green area.

 Input parameters

  • Amplitude
  • Deviation
  • Max Bars

Only Full version:

  • Send Alert
  • Send Email
  • Send Push Notification
  • Signal Mode: Close or High/Low
  • Notify On Trend Change
  • Notify On Strong Signal
  • Notify On Weak Signal

Signal Mode

The Signal Mode was added in version 1.01. If it is set to Close the indicator will send a notification if the candle closes in a strong or weak area. If it is set to High/Low, the candle only has to touch the signal area to send a notification.

  • Version

    MT4 free v1.00
    MT4 full v1.01

  • Changelog

    Aug 18, 2016:

    Added: Notify On Strong Signal and Notify On Weak Signal
    Added: Choose between Close and High/Low for the Signal

    Jun 13, 2016:

    Initial release of the MT4 version

57 thoughts on “Smart Trend indicator

  1. What is the best way to specify the stop loss and take profit with this indicator?

    1. Try to set a small StopLoss below the open candle and set the target to the above band or let the trade run. But basically it’s up to you how you want to use it.

    1. Both versions have a timed license, but you can re-download a newer version at any time. Yes, it works on demo and live accounts.

  2. Thanks for the indicator.
    but fleeing opportunity that arrived after signal 2 candle.
    What can you do about it

      1. it could not be converted after downloading. a pop up asked which program i wanted to use in opening the file . is it in RAR or Zip format. thanks for quick response

  3. It would be great to create a icustom function within the script, so that everybody can turn it into an EA if the wish is there.

    1. I do not understand what you mean. You can use the icustom function with this indicator. If you do not know how to do it, please follow my mql4 tutorial. In the 5th chapter (I will add it in a few days), I will explain how to use it.

  4. Hello Yannick. I have been using the full version of this indicator for on live account for almost three weks. It has made a huge difference.
    Thank you for excellent work,

  5. I want to use this indicator with my custom ea using iCustom function, so what values are returned and how to use them ??

    1. IndexBuffer0 = BlueLine
      IndexBuffer1 = RedLine
      IndexBuffer2 = UpperBand
      IndexBuffer3 = LowerBand
      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Does the full version put arrows on the chart when alert for direction and where best place to put stop loss and take profit?

    If its in buy direction and price pulls back into oversold area, will it alert for a buy?

    1. The indicator does not show the SL and TP prices. I will add the arrows in a future update. Yes, the smart trend indicator alerts each time a bar closes in certain area.

        1. Means you have the option to choose if you want to send notifications on a signal or not.

  7. Hi,
    I do like this indicator a lot!!
    Do you have a video clip to show who it work real time, to understand the buy/sell signal?

      1. Thank you, I’ve done that but not 100% sure when is the correct entering point to make a trade. Any advice?

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