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About the Supertrend indicator plus

This Supertrend indicator does not only show you the current market trend, like the normal supertrend indicator does, but also possible entry signals inside of that trend. The Supertrend Plus indicator does not repaint.


Below you see the different entry point of this Supertrend indicator. On every signal you place a pending order above the candle and wait for the market to continue the trend in the direction of the Supertrend Plus indicator.

If point 1, 3, or 4 appear you can either place a market order or a pending order above the candle. Point 2 shows you the mother bar of an inside bar pattern. On point 2 you only want to place a pending order above the candle and wait for the Breakout.

Supertrend indicator Plus signals


This indicator can easily be combined with the Supertrend Candles indicator.
supertrend indicator

Input parameters for Supertrend indicator plus

  • Periods
    • Set the Supertrend indicator period
  • Multiplier
    • Set the Supertrend indicator multiplier
  • Trend Correction Mode
    • normal
    • sensible (shows more correction signals, but they are less accurate)
  • Signal Size
    • Set the size of the signal points
  • Max Bars
    • You can leave this to 1000
  • Show Breakouts
    • Enable or disable the Breakout points
  • Show Corrections
    • Enable or disable the Correction points
  • Show Pullbacks
    • Enable or disable the Pullback points

supertrend indicator for mt4 plus - settings

Send notification

The full version has the possibility to send alerts, emails and push notifications to your phone.

About the free version

The free version works on demo and live accounts, but it does not send notifications and the signals 2,3 and 4 are only visible in the strategy tester.

  • Version

    Free MT4 v1.06
    Full MT4 v1.06

  • Changelog

    Oct 12, 2016

    Tweak: Improved the Trend Change Signal
    Tweak: Improved the Pullback Signal

    Aug 25, 2016

    Added: Notifications to full version
    Update: Free version works not only in the strategy tester

    Oct 27, 2015

    Added: Breakout, Correction and Pullback strategy. Changed name from Supertrend indicator to Supertrend Plus indicator.

    Feb 01, 2015

    Initial release of the MT4 version

38 thoughts on “Supertrend Plus indicator

      1. thanks,
        can we optimize any indicator or any other way to find best setting for indicator?

  1. Hi Yannick. when will the new trend signal appear. At the start of the candle that shows on backtest or at the start of the following candle. thanks.

    1. Try to download the full package on the indicator overview page or try a different browser.

    1. No, but you can download the free version and test the features of the full version in the strategy tester.

  2. Hi

    The points 1,2,3,4 will appear and alert on the candle itself or will these only appear after few candles later?
    For example point 3 will paint under the candle after say 3 candles have appeared?

      1. Point 1, 3 and 4 will appear immediately after a new bar. Only point 2 will appear one bar later.

  3. Hi, Yannick.

    Can you, please, explane how can we upload and activate supertrend plus on MT4? Step by step, please.
    Thanks a lot.


  4. Dear Yannick

    My supertrendplus version is finising by 30-06-2016 . How can I download a new version ?

  5. Hi Yannick,
    Nice website you got here. Just stumble on it today. Want to ask you does Supertrend Plus repaints ? Got to have confirmation from you as many seemingly good indicators fail when they repaint 🙁

  6. Dear sirs,
    Please advise me price of the Supertrend Plus indicator and how I can make sure that it is efficient and profitable

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