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Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator)

Get the Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator)!

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About the Supertrend indicator plus

This Supertrend indicator does not only show you the current market trend, like the normal supertrend indicator does, but also possible entry signals inside of that trend. The Supertrend Plus indicator does not repaint and is the perfect choice for a trend trading strategy.


Below you see the different entry point of this Trend Trading Indicator. On every signal, you place a pending order above the candle and wait for the market to continue the trend in the direction of the Supertrend Plus indicator.

If point 1, 3, or 4 appear you can either place a market order or a pending order above the candle. Point 2 shows you the mother bar of an inside bar pattern. On point 2 you only want to place a pending order above the candle and wait for the Breakout.

Supertrend indicator Plus signals

Input parameters for Supertrend indicator plus

  • Periods
    • Set the Supertrend indicator period
  • Multiplier
    • Set the Supertrend indicator multiplier
  • Trend Correction Mode
    • normal
    • sensible (shows more correction signals, but they are less accurate)
  • Signal Size
    • Set the size of the signal points
  • Max Bars
    • Disabled if set to 0. You can leave this to 1000
  • Show Breakouts
    • Enable or disable the Breakout points
  • Show Corrections
    • Enable or disable the Correction points
  • Show Pullbacks
    • Enable or disable the Pullback points
supertrend indicator for mt4 plus - settings

Send notification

The full version has the possibility to send alerts, emails and push notifications to your phone.

About the free version

The free version works on a demo and live account, but it does not send notifications and the signals 2,3 and 4 are only visible in the strategy tester.

Automated Trading

Trade the strategy of this Supertrend Indicator fully automated with the Supertrend EA.


This indicator can easily be combined with the Supertrend Candles indicator.

supertrend indicator

iCustom function (for developers)

If you are a developer and want to make an EA based on this indicator, please download the Supertrend EA example

More about the Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator)

  • You can install the Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator) on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • The license of every Metatrader Indicator you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • MT4 Free v1.07
  • MT4 Full v1.07
  • May 30, 2017

  • MaxBars is disabled if set to 0
  • Oct 12, 2016

  • Tweak: Improved the Trend Change Signal
  • Tweak: Improved the Pullback Signal
  • Aug 25, 2016

  • Added: Notifications to full version
  • Update: Free version works not only in the strategy tester
  • Oct 27, 2015

  • Added: Breakout, Correction and Pullback strategy. Changed name from Supertrend indicator to Supertrend Plus indicator
  • Feb 01, 2015

  • Initial release of the MT4 version

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87 thoughts on “Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator)”

  1. Fernando says:


    If i buy this indicator do you send the icustoms ??? Because, i want to make an EA.


    1. Yannick says:

      You can easily build an EA based on it with the integrated iCustom function.

  2. phil says:

    I can not open with any file on pc???

    1. Yannick says:

      You have to copy and paste the .ex4 file into the MQL4/indicators folder of your Terminal.

  3. Siboniso says:

    Hi Yannick

    If the supertrend EA pro is slower than the supertrend EA basic (which I am using on demo only started testing it yesterday) is the accuracy less or the same?

    1. Yannick says:

      The strategy is exactly the same. The pro version does have more filter and function, which will make it a bit slower in some cases.

      1. Phil says:

        Is it for stock???

        1. Yannick says:

          You can use it on any symbol.

  4. Ibrahim says:

    Hi Yannick,
    What is the best time frame for this indicator ?

    1. Yannick says:

      Depending on the strategies you use it, it works on all timeframes.

  5. Shan says:

    Can i use the indicator on multiple charts at the same time? and on multiple MT4 instance running parallel.

    1. Yannick says:


  6. mcsliva says:

    Can I download the full version of “supertrend plus” when I bought “supertrend pro” from you? Only “PRO” can be downloaded from my account history. Thank you

    1. Yannick says:

      No, the EA and the indicator are two different purchases. But you can download and use the free versions of both products.

  7. Appsoluxions says:

    Hi, What is the difference between the paid and free versions?

    1. Yannick says:

      The free version does not send signals and it does not show signal 2,3 and 4.

  8. Charly says:


    Can I know if the paid version has an expiration date?

    Thank you.

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, it has. But you can download a newer version with a longer expiration date at any moment in your account.

  9. Dmitri Vagin says:

    Hi! It seems that Full version works slower then Free version. Why?

    1. Yannick says:

      What do you mean by slower?

      1. Dmitri says:

        Slower when it used in strategy tester.

        1. Yannick says:

          The full version has more to calculate than the free version.

      2. Dmitri says:

        There is also a problem with the Supertrend EA example. Breakout points that it writes to the log do not correspond to what the Supertrend indicator displays.

        1. Yannick says:

          Make sure you use the same settings in the indicator as in the EA.

  10. Hugues says:

    Hello! I dowload SUPERTREND EA for MT4. It is not mq4 files. How can I do? Thank

    1. Yannick says:

      No, I do only provide the compiled .ex4 version. Follow this guide to install it.

  11. fortune says:

    Hi l want know how accurate is your supertrend?

    1. Yannick says:

      I have not statistics about it.

  12. Usman Shahid Dar says:

    Great indicator. Does the free version of this indicator has an expiry? Like if I want to use the free version for some time, can I use it without any trouble?

    1. Yannick says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yes, the free version will always remain free.

      1. Usman Shahid Dar says:

        Right. Thank you for reply. What about the Supertrend EA? Will the free version of EA also work without any interruption?

        1. Yannick says:

          Yes, except one a year you have to download the latest version. You will get notified.

  13. mohamed ismael says:

    hi yannic
    how i can install supertren plus on my iphone ?
    i buy it for the web site

    1. Yannick says:

      It is not possible to use any EA or Indicator on the mobile Metatrader version. You have to install them on a PC.

  14. stepherson says:

    Salut yannick. Qu’est ce qu’un breakout? Et que faire exactement lorsqu’il apparait? Et les points 3 et 4 aussi. Merci

    1. Yannick says:

      A breakout is if the price breaks above/below the high/low of a certain price level. For example, if the current price breaks above the high of the last candle. If you use pending order, the breakouts will be traded automatically. Take a look at the Metatrader4 Order Types.

  15. stepherson says:

    Bonsoir je veux acheté cet indicateur mais je ne comment pas l’anglais. Pouvez vous me dire s”il vous plait en français comment l’utiliser? Merci

    1. Yannick says:

      Svp contactez moi par mail pour que je puisse vous donner tous le informations que vous avez besion.

  16. Mohamed Elghoul says:

    Hi, if I bought the super trend indicator, when it will be expired?

    1. Yannick says:

      At the moment you will get a lifetime license. Maybe I will add a small annual renewal fee in the future.

  17. gowthaman says:

    Well done….good work 🙂

  18. Debasis says:

    Hi Can i get Supertrend plus EA.If it is available can you drop me a mail

    1. Yannick says:

      It is already available. Take a look:

  19. Ennis says:

    Would the ea will be configured to trade on renko charts too, will be exceptional to have it for trend scalping on price action trend directions using the tightest trailing stops . Thx Ennis

    1. Yannick says:

      I do not know if it works on Renko charts, please try the free version to find out if it is compatible with your Renko chart.

      1. Ennis says:

        I will do so thanks for the reply which time frame you will recommend trade it on will works specifically only on certain pairs or all of them including gold charts and commodities as well ! What’s the cost for US dollars buyers !

        1. Yannick says:

          The Supertrend indicator work on all symbols and timeframes. I do not have any statistics for the performance for the different symbols, timeframes and settings. If you test the free version in the strategy tester, you will also be able to visualize the signals 2 to 4. At the moment it will be around $20.50.

      2. Bucky says:

        YES.. it works on RENKO charts!

  20. K. W. Ng says:

    Dear Sir,

    May I know do you have mq4 file of your Supertrend Plus (Trend Trading Indicator)? If Can have, I have It?

    Thank you!

    1. Yannick says:

      No, I only provide the compiled file.

  21. Jaraind says:

    Why isn’t the SuperTrend EA Exmple Taking Trades in the Strategy Tester? So it can be Tested

    1. Yannick says:

      It is not an Expert Advisor. It’s only an indicator. I will release the EA next week.

  22. Forex4Teo says:

    How to use your Indicator in an EA?
    to example:[removed]

    1. Yannick says:

      I have just made a Supertrend EA Example file. You can download it at the bottom of the Supertrend Plus Indicator product page.

  23. Ghazal says:

    Hi Yannick, what are period and multiplier & how they should be adjusted for different pairs/time frames?

    1. Yannick says:

      The Period is the Period of the ATR. The multiplier is the ATR Price times the Multiplier. There is no right answer to your question.

  24. Allan J says:

    Hey Yannick
    it is good of you to throw in a few freebies with your buys, as it allows one to see just what they are about thanks mate and cheers from Oz,

    1. Yannick says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

      1. rainsome says:

        Do you think you can build a Super Trend scanner similar to [] so traders can find opportunities of trending pairs quickly.

        1. Yannick says:

          I do not consider adding it.

  25. rainsome says:

    Are you’re going to make a EA version to Supertrend Plus indicator? It will be good if the EA have the ability to pyramiding into a trending position at number 2 & 3 and gradually move Trailing Stop Loss behind SuperTrend Lines. Also will be able to control the max number of add ons that The EA place in direction of Trend. I will differently be interested in Buying.

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, I will make a Supertrend EA. Don’t know yet what function I will implement, but most of what you wrote will be implemented.

      1. rainsome says:

        Thanks your coding skills are exceptional and your indicators and EA’s are Cost affective. Anticipating the release of EA

  26. Chacon says:

    Can I use this indicator (and the others you have) on MT5? Tks

    1. Yannick says:

      No, at the moment most of them work only on MT4. I plan to make more MT5 products next year.

  27. Khamlay says:

    I would like to know if i would like to purchase this indicator and i would like to pay you through Skrill account do you accept that?

    1. Yannick says:

      Unfortunately, Skrill is not possible at the moment. You can only use PayPal or Creditcard.


    Hola, hablas español, necesito saber cuales son los parametros o las funcionalidades del EA Supertrend Plus, para decidir urgente la compra de la version full.

    Un abrazo y muchas gracias.

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m sorry I do not speak Spanish and google translate could not help me much in this case :/

    2. Max René Velazquez Garcia says:

      Hola, yo hablo español, este es buen indicador para seguir la tendencia del mercado y posibles entradas o salidas, tiene la posibilidad de notificarte para cuatro tipos de señales, cambio de tendencia, rompimientos, reversas y retrocesos. A mí me gusta mucho, es muy útil y también es fácil trabajar con él en cualquier marco temporal, el indicador no repinta las señales

      1. Yannick says:

        Thanks for your help 🙂

  29. Max Rene says:

    Hi Yannick, for the EA it would be good idea to have the option MTF multi time frame

    1. Max Rene says:

      Even it would be very good to have the MTF possibility in the indicator….

      1. Yannick says:

        What exactly do you mean? You can easily just change the timeframe of your chart.

        1. Max Rene says:

          Of course you can easily change the TF, but it’s just for not to have to do it, it’s like in your other EA’s, where for example you put in the filter and EMA and have the option, current time, 1M, 5M …. .MN. For fine tuning in the inputs and outputs of the positions, for example i run on daily time frame but i look the entries / outs in 1H TF

          1. Max Rene says:

            It is just an idea, the reality is that it´s now is very useful and comfortable to follow

          2. Yannick says:

            I see. I have taken note of it. Not sure if I will implement it.

  30. kannan says:

    ru give .exe file it is indicator

    1. Yannick says:

      you will receive a compiled version in the .ex4 format.

  31. PAUL says:

    Hi Yannick. when will the new trend signal appear. At the start of the candle that shows on backtest or at the start of the following candle. thanks.

    1. Yannick says:

      At the beginning of the next candle.

  32. velan says:

    Very nice

  33. Azhan says:

    Will this indicator do repaint?

    1. Yannick says:

      No, this indicator does not repaint.

  34. leandro takahashi says:

    What period i can have to test?

  35. Nawfal Alkhafaji says:

    Dear sirs,
    Please advise me price of the Supertrend Plus indicator and how I can make sure that it is efficient and profitable

    1. Yannick says:

      You can download the free version and try it in the Strategy Tester.

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