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Tick Chart Indicator

Tick Chart Indicator

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About the Tick Chart indicator

The Tick Chart indicator displays ever tick of the ask and bid price below the chart.

You can choose if you want to display the spread or not, if you want to display only the bid price and if you want to show the prices or not.

Some impressions

tick chart indicator for metatrader

Input parameters

  • Display (Bid and Ask – only Bid price)
  • Show Price (Show Right Price, Show Horizontal Line, Hide)
  • Show Spread
  • Spread Font Size
  • Show Ticks (The number of tick you want to display on the chart)

More about the Tick Chart Indicator

  • You can install the Tick Chart Indicator on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • The license of every Metatrader Indicator you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • MT4 v1.00

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