Wolfe Waves indicator


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About the Wolfe Waves indicator

The Wolfe Waves indicator shows long and short reversal patterns. You want to look for a buy trade if the blue bullish reversal pattern shows up and the price crosses above the entry line. Vise versa. Exit the trade if he crosses the target line.
The arrow helps you to recognize in what direction you should look to open a trade.



You can choose whether you want to display lines or triangles for the Wolfe Waves indicator.


Notifications & Alerts

This indicator gives you the possibility to send notifications and to display alerts.

Input parameters for the Wolfe Waves Indicator

  • Direction: Display only Long or Short Wolfe Waves or both.
  • Wolfe Waves indicator Style
    • Show Lines
    • Show Triangles
  • ZigZag
    • This indicators is based on the ZigZag indicator. Choose its settings.
  • Design
    • Color: Choose your preferred colors.
    • Show Entry Line: Displays the entry line.
    • Show Target Line: Displays the target line.
    • Show Arrows: Shows you in what direction you should look to enter a trade.
    • Max Bars: The numbers of bars the Wolfe Wave indicator will draw the Wolfe Waves back.
  • Notification
    • Send Alert: Displays an alert
    • Send Mail: Sends a mail.
    • Send Push Notification: Sends a notification to your mobile app.


34 thoughts on “Wolfe Waves indicator

  1. Hello, as many around here, I would love an Wolfe EA, or just a custom filter / signal, an EMA with RSI could be enough for me, regards.

  2. Hi Yannick

    I just buy this indicator , I would like to know why that one not active on the latest bar signal any time frame so please advise.

  3. Hello, I just bought it but not use it. I use it to drag the graph at right.

    1. Have you installed the indicator correctly in the MQL4/indicators folder? Do you use the default settings?

  4. The indicator is fine but which time frame it works well and on which forex pairs the results are good

    1. Since it is a popular indicator I am sure you will find a lot of information and strategies about on the web.

    1. It only shows the direction in which you should look for an entry. The entry could be based on an oscillator on a lower timeframe, candle pattern or similar.

  5. hi Yannick,
    as the BUY sample above..may i know the blue arrow appeared at the open or the close of the candles?

    1. also when i did strtegy testing..i can see the arrow keep moving..is it repainting or what?

      please advise

      1. Yes. The arrows do always repaint to the last bar. The arrows do not show you a entry signal, they only show you in what direction your should look for an entry.

    2. Neither of them. The arrows appears as soon as the indicator detects a Wolfe Waves pattern.

  6. Hi Yannick,

    May I know what your reason was for using ZigZags over Fractals?
    There are alternatives using Fractals. So, I’m curious to know why you wanted ZigZags.

    Thanks !

    1. An advantage of the ZigZag indicators is that you can adjust it how you like. The fractals indicators is fixed.

  7. Seems like we can expect an EA out of it? Quite simple logic if you ask me.
    It would help test the strategy over a long period of time.

    If you do I really hope you allow for 2 trade entries. One exit at first line (TP1) the other one continues with trailing stop.
    The most powerful would be to allow each trade to have own MM%, lotsize, B.E., T.S.

    Good Luck!

    I already got one from another company which was crazy expensive. 🙁
    Really nice addition to your list of indicators, I think it will help attract more professional traders to your site.

    Keep up the great work !!

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