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Wolfe Waves Indicator

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About the Wolfe Waves indicator

The Wolfe Waves indicator shows long and short reversal patterns. You want to look for a buy trade if the blue bullish reversal pattern shows up and the price crosses above the entry line. Vise versa. Exit the trade if he crosses the target line.
The arrow helps you to recognize in what direction you should look to open a trade.



You can choose whether you want to display lines or triangles for the Wolfe Waves indicator.


Notifications & Alerts

This indicator gives you the possibility to send notifications and to display alerts.

Input parameters for the Wolfe Waves Indicator

  • Direction: Display only Long or Short Wolfe Waves or both.
  • Wolfe Waves indicator Style
    • Show Lines
    • Show Triangles
  • ZigZag
    • This indicators is based on the ZigZag indicator. Choose its settings.
  • Design
    • Color: Choose your preferred colors.
    • Show Entry Line: Displays the entry line.
    • Show Target Line: Displays the target line.
    • Show Arrows: Shows you in what direction you should look to enter a trade.
    • Max Bars: The numbers of bars the Wolfe Wave indicator will draw the Wolfe Waves back.
  • Notification
    • Send Alert: Displays an alert
    • Send Mail: Sends a mail.
    • Send Push Notification: Sends a notification to your mobile app.

More about the Wolfe Waves Indicator

  • You can install the Wolfe Waves Indicator on limitless demo and live accounts.
  • The license of every Metatrader Indicator you download is time limited, but you can re-download newer versions any time in your purchase history.
  • MT4 v1.00
  • Mar 20, 2016

  • Initial release of the MT4 version

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37 thoughts on “Wolfe Waves indicator”

  1. Prabu says:

    Hi How to select max bars for 15 min time frame?

    1. Yannick says:

      maxBars is not related to a timeframe. You can set it to 1500 and use it on M15 if you want.

  2. Anthony says:

    23-11-2016 at 12:51
    No, it only draws the pattern to the chart and does not show possible entry signal?But in the file it shows Entry Line Right?

    1. Yannick says:

      It shows only the direction if the pattern, but no entry signals.

  3. Rianco says:

    Hi Yannick

    Is it possible that the indicator can alert you when there is a valid pattern? Or does the indicator alert you when the arrow appears (when the price breaks through the target line)?

    1. Rianco says:

      Sorry, I mean the entry line, not the target line

    2. Yannick says:

      It only alerts you if the arrow appears.

  4. jinkeng says:

    I want to buy 3 Indicators, but Wolfe Waves Indicator does not work. Why?

    1. Yannick says:

      On some symbols the Wolfe Waves Pattern is rare. Try to increase the MaxBars option and maybe try a different timeframe.

  5. Velizar Mitov says:

    I bought the Wolf Wave, with the default setting is it ok fo D1 and H4! Wich settings to use for lower time frame? Wich pairs you offer to use the indicator? thank you!

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, you can use the default settings on D1 and H4. I personally do not use this indicator so I can’t tell you what are the best settings for lower timeframes and different pairs. But since the Wolfe Waves indicator is very popular, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of Wolfe Waves based strategies on the web.

  6. Max Rene says:

    Hello, as many around here, I would love an Wolfe Waves EA, or just a custom filter / signal, an EMA with RSI could be enough for me, regards.

    1. Yannick says:

      Unfortunately, at the moment I do not consider to make an Wolfe Waves EA.

  7. tawank6063 says:

    Hi Yannick

    I just buy this wolfe waves indicator , I would like to know why that one not active on the latest bar signal any time frame so please advise.

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. Please send me a screenshot of this.

  8. Martin says:

    Does it show where Point 5 should be ?
    I mean the possible entry point/line.

    1. Yannick says:

      No, it only draws the pattern to the chart and does not show possible entry signals.

  9. Larry says:

    Do we use the default Zig Zag settings of 12,5,3?

    1. Yannick says:

      Yes, but you can change them easily in the settings.

  10. kannan says:

    WOLF WAVES indicator demo

    1. Yannick says:

      Feel free to download the demo and test it in the strategy tester.

  11. Wisarn Rungrassamee says:

    Hello, I just bought the wolfe waves indicator but not use it. I use it to drag the graph at right.

    1. Yannick says:

      Have you installed the indicator correctly in the MQL4/indicators folder? Do you use the default settings?

  12. tuncer kuscu says:

    Hi, thank you for your prefect indicator. Thank you so much.

    1. Yannick says:

      I’m glad you like it 🙂

      1. Hieu says:

        My friend, I installed MQL4 / Indicator but did not see any models, expect you to reply, thank you many

        1. Yannick says:

          If you have the demo version, it works only in the strategy tester. If you have the full version, please try to increase the “Max Bars” and try different symbols and timeframes.

  13. Azhan says:

    This system, the arrow means for entry?

    1. Yannick says:

      It only shows the direction in which you should look for an entry. The entry could be based on an oscillator on a lower timeframe, candle pattern or similar.

      1. Hieu says:

        I’m currently installing Wolfe Waves Demo, but the installation is complete and no models are available.

        1. Yannick says:

          The demo version works only in the strategy tester.

          1. Hieu says:

            Thank you for sharing the demo version, and the commercial version sure you have no money to buy you ah. Other models such as hand cups, … models are harder than you do?

          2. Yannick says:

            I’m sorry. I do not understand your question.

      2. Hieu says:

        Do you study writing software models harder? For example, “cup handle”, also known as the holy grail

        1. Yannick says:

          No, I do not intend to program a cup handle indicator.

          1. Hieu says:

            thanks you

  14. osaze says:

    lovely wolfe waves indicator..

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