Settings file (*.set)

The settings file stores all parameters (and its values) of an Expert Advisor or Indicator in one file. This makes it easier to share settings with others or to store them on your computer for later use.

You can save and load setting inside the Inputs tab of your Expert Advisor or Indicator.

To open the Properties of an Expert Advisor, right click on the chart > Expert Advisors > Properties.
To open the Properties of an Indicator, right click on the chart > Indicators List > Choose indicator > Edit.

By clicking on the Reset button in the right below corner, the EA will use its default settings.


6 thoughts on “Settings file (*.set)

  1. Hi Yannick,
    I purchased your bundle of expert advisors.
    I tried to save my setting your guide on *.set file “save” and “load” so that I do not have to do the setting one by one on each pair. The problem, I am having is that when I click on save and window pop up with *set option but when click save nothing happen even if I added a name. Would you please provide us with a guide from the beginning to the end.

    1. You should simply be able to enter a “File name”. For example “MyEASettings1” (without *.set or .set). Then choose a folder to save and load it from.

  2. the ea i received in email does not have same settings you show. my question is what time frame and what pair is the email ea to be used on ? do you have pdf for the Chaos ea ?

  3. Dear Yannik
    I did the following settings for candle trailing but it went up and down with price.
    Could you kindly guide me?

    Number of Candles=3

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