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About the Virtual Stops:

The Virtual Stops Expert Advisor is a tool that allows you to close all order by a virtual TakeProfit or a virtual StopLoss which are hidden from the Broker. You can choose whether you want to use virtual stops only on the current Symbol or on all Symbols. You can also set multiple Magic Number to only close the trades with these specific Magic Numbers.


  • Symbol
    • Current Symbol
    • All Symbols
  • Magic Number
    • Choose the Magic Number separated by commas. If this is empty the Auto Close Timer will close all position regardless their Magic Number.
  • Virtual Take Profit
    • Set your Virtual Take Profit in pips
  • Virtual Stop Loss
    • Set your Virtual Stop Loss in pips
  •  Slippage
    • Choose the slippage in pips.
  • use Virtual Stops
    • Choose whether this tool should be active or not.
  • Show Stop Lines
    • Draws the stop lines to the chart (only on the current chart).
  • Take Profit Color
    • Color of the Take Profit line.
  • Stop Loss Color
    • Color of the Stop Loss line.
  • Show Info
    • Shows useful information about your current settings.

This is an Expert Advisor. Put it in the /experts directory!

  • Version

    MT4 v1.01

  • Changelog

    Oct 15, 2015:

    Show Stop Lines

    Aug 28, 2015:

    Initial release MT4 version

7 thoughts on “Virtual Stops

  1. Can you include a virtual ATR trailing stop in this tool. I would purchase it immediately as I have two of your products alreay. I wuld need to be able to set the ATR period, ATR multiplier (what percentaage of the ATR i want to trail with) and ATR step.

  2. I’m running an EA which modify SL/TP regulary according to PA. It’s a marty, Gride, hedge EA. Do virtual stops EA can hide SL/TP each time my EA change them. I need an EA just to hide

    1. This tool does not hide placed SL/TP, but you can set the SL/TP of you EA a bit higher and set the Virtual Stops to the original level.

  3. It might be a good idea to remember that this is an EA and will not work if there is a system or power failure at your place. Leaving you with no stop (unless you have a larger one on the trade with the broker than the virtual stop set here ) or run your system on a VPN.

    1. You’re right. I will add this warning and the option to choose a fixed StopLoss and TakeProfit.

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