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    While the community is slowly shifting towards MetaTrader 5, quivofx does still not provide any MT5 products. This will stay that way.

    If you want to switch to MetaTrader 5, is the best alternative to quivofx.
    It provides a very flexible pricing model where you do not pay per product but a small monthly fee instead, to access all products.

    Pipbolt’s MT5 Expert Adviors will aim to provide the same functionalities and diversity of EAs as quivofx, by end of the year.
    With a monthly subscription, you will always get access to new EA and all updates.

    Only $5/Month

    For a short period of time, you get access to all Pipbolt products for only $5/month.

    Pipbolt History

    Pipbolt was originally created by my (Yannick) in late 2018. Unfortunately, I was never able to finish the website so I decided to provide all its products for free (read here why). In August 2021 I was finally able to finish Pipbolt and by end of 2021 Pipbolt will hopefully be as complete (many EAs with many strategies) as Quivofx is.

    Rajeshkumar Tiwari

    Dear Author,
    I have just purchased your developed super trend EA I am unable to set lot size to 0.01.
    Also unable to figure trailing stop because profit is showing always 0.
    Also, guide me for super trend-setting like
    trade trend change
    trade pullback
    The difference between break-even and candle trail also advised me some value to check.

    1. Doc1.docx
    Jason Tong

    Hi Yannick,
    Just purchased your Bollinger Band EA on 25 Oct 2021, invoice ID 1043690. The download only contained a PDF file which cannot be opened, there’s no .exe file for the EA.


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