Before contacting the support, please take a look at the FAQ boxes below and check the forum for a possible answer.

I want a custom EA/Indicator. How much does it cost?

If you need a custom modification of one of our products, please visit the programming page.

Got the message: "Error: "License expired" Please download a new version on

If you receive this message, please login to your account, download the new version and install it on your computer.

Why I"m not receiving any emails?

It is possible that our mail server has blocked your e-mail address. In this case please contact the support directly and we will unblock it.

How to install an Expert Advisor?

Please read the article - how to install an Expert Advisor.

How to install an Indicator?

Same as how to install an Expert Advisor, but instead of copying the file in the mql4/experts folder, copy it in the mql4/indicators folder.

I have attached an EA to the chart but I can not see any lines or histograms.

The Expert Advisors do not draw any indicators on the chart. You have to add them by yourself. Inside Metatrader go to Insert > Indicators and choose the indicator you want to attach on the chart.

My EA does not open any trades. Why?

  • Try to reset all settings (open the EAs Properties with F7, navigate to the inputs tab and click on reset).
  • Try to increase the spread filter, (Max Spread). Not all EAs have this filter.
In order to see if it works, test in on the EURUSD M1 chart. If the EA still does not open a trade after 24h, contact the support and provide your settings file (*.set).

Do you prove any settings for your EAs?

No, I do not provide any settings. Please read the article about the Metatrader 4 strategy tester and use the forum.

On what Timeframe and Symbol does the EA work best?

This is a question I can"t answer. This is different for each EA. Please read the article about the Metatrader 4 strategy tester and use the forum.

What are parameters like MagicNumber and Slippage?

You will find the definition of these parameters in the functions glossary.

How to use functions like TrailingStop, ATR Trail, Martingale and Day/Time Filter etc?

You will find the definition of these functions in the functions glossary.

On how many computers can I install your products?

You can use my products on as many computers as you want.

On how many accounts can I use your products?

You can use my products on as many accounts as you want.

How do I know what version of a product I have?

When attaching an EA, Indicator or Script to a chart, a window will pop-up. Click on the about tab and you will see the version number.ichimoku-ea-pro-version

How do I update an product?

You have to login to your account, go to the download tab, download the product you want to update and overwrite the file on your computer with the new one. The files you download are always the newest versions available.

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