MQL Programming Service

Need a custom modification?

If using a pre-built product from our store is not 100% what your are looking for, you can now order a custom modification that fits your needs.

How does it work?

  • To order a custom modification you need to have bought the product you want to modify and send us your purchase ID using the form below.
  • You will receive a quote within 48h.
  • We will send you a compiled version of the product  (.ex4/.ex5)  within 10 days after receiving the payment.
  • Each programming request has a basic cost of CHF 40 plus an additional CHF 75/h, payable in advance with PayPal or Skrill.
  • If your requested customization is as little as adding a filter, we may add a time limited license of 2 years to protect our products. Is this the case, we will inform you in advance and you will be able to provide up to 5 different account number on which the product will run for a lifetime.
  • The modification will always be based on the current version of a product. Future updates on the original product made by quivofx will not be included in your custom modification.

Unfortunately at the moment I can’t accept any more request. Please check back in a while.

2 thoughts on “MQL Programming Service

  1. Hi with the Ichomoku could you provide time settings so you can define when it trades

    ie US session
    London session

    also are there any settings in the private forum for professional users?

    1. You can define the time to trade based on Hours and Minutes.
      There is no private forum any more. The forum is now open for anyone.

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