MQL Programming Service

Need a custom modification?

If using a pre-built product from our store is not 100% what you are looking for, you can now order a custom modification that fits your needs.

How does it work?

  • We do only offer custom modification of our products.
  • To order a custom modification you need to have bought the product you want to modify and send us your purchase ID using the form below.
  • You will receive a free quote within 48h (on a working day).
  • We will send you a compiled version of the product  (.ex4/.ex5)  within 10 days after receiving the payment.
  • The costs are CHF 80/h (min CHF 40), payable in advance with PayPal or CreditCard.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, we add a time-limited license of 2 years to protect our products.
  • The modification will always be based on the current version of a product. Future updates on the original product, will not be included in your custom modification.
Unfortunately at the moment I can’t accept any more request. Please check back in a while.