This disclaimer is given to you due to the high risk of trading in general and especially the forex market in accordance with the law. Naturally, we cannot show to you all the risks and you should make sure that foreign exchange transactions, contract for difference and other derivative products suit you personally. It is possible that you loose all your initial deposit. It can even happen sometimes that you have to pay additional deposit capital to cover your losses. By entering these risky trades you confirm that you are trading with your venture capital and that in a case of a loss of it, your livelihood will not be affected significantly and you will not run into financial distress.

1. The high amount of leverage is a peculiarity of this kind of transactions. This means that a relatively small price movement can have a significantly positive, but also a just as big negative effect on your capital, and lead to big gains or losses. You should to get familiar with the concept of the margin-trading and make sure that you are not excessively exposed to it. It could be that you have to pay a significant amount in the short term to keep your positions opened. If you do not your positions may eventually be closed without further notice (so-called margin calls). These margin calls almost always lead to severe losses, up to a loss of your entire account.

2. Such transactions do not take place in a recognized stock exchange and therefor you can be subjected to a bigger risk than with the recognized exchanges. You enter transactions with your Broker as your counterparty. Before you enter any trades you should make sure that you are fully aware of all the costs you are going into.

3. With our products, you will receive access to automated trading systems. The use of a trading platform, such as Metatrader, is tied to special risks, including but no limited to errors with the hardware, software and the internet connection. You will alway use our products at your own risk and to the best of knowledge and belief. A liability for losses is. Our products are produced by the rules of careful programming and we will always keep our modules on the state-of-the-art. A claim always only relies on the version you purchased and never includes the implementation of newer and further functions. Get well acquainted with the possibilities and use of Metatrader before you use it. Our support is limited to the use of our product and not the underlying trading platform. All the tools you use at your own risk.