Swing Trading Cloud indicator

Swing Trading Cloud indicator

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About the Swing Trading Cloud indicator

The Swing Trading Cloud indicator is perfect to trade the swing of a trend. Its cloud shows the support and resistance levels of the trend. Once a new swing is detected, the Swing Trading Cloud indicator draws an arrow to the chart and sends an Alert, Email or Push Notification to your phone.


Swing Trading Cloud indicator settings

Demo version

The demo version works only in the Strategy Tester.

26 thoughts on “Swing Trading Cloud indicator

  1. Hi Yannick
    I am Tawan from Thailand then I just the beginning forex trader so
    I had to bougth your indicator on yesterday then I can’t understand on that for how to signal for short and long to profit.

    1. Basically you are looking for a long trade if the cloud is blue and the current price is inside the cloud. Vice versa for short.

  2. hi yannick,
    glad to hear ur indicator doesnot repaint. I want to buy it. Can i make payment thru USD. Is there any option for that?

    1. The amount will automatically be converted into USD if you pay it with paypal or creditcard.

  3. On which time frames does your indicator operate.?
    Is there just a one off licence payment for the indicator unless an upgrade is purchased?

    1. You can use it on any timeframe.
      If you purchase the indicator you have access to free update and you can install the indicator on as much PCs as you want.
      Based on my terms I reserved the right to add annual fees in the future.

    1. If the price is in the blue cloud, the market is in a oversold zone. If the price is inside the red cloud, the market is in an overbought zone.

  4. Ciao,Yannick,questo indicatore si può utilizzare nei mercati indice ej.DAX30, grazie

  5. hi, what type alert i will get, i will get alert once get arrow symbol or get alert once the trend is change, Thank you

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